Baby movement during labor?

  • I was just curious if baby will continue to be active and move around during labor? I've heard yes and nos on this and I was wondering what other mom's experienced. My little boy has always been a very active thing since about 20 weeks. His kicks and wiggles are getting more painful everyday, and I can't imagine him slowing down during delivery but I don't know. The past few days he's seemed to calm down sometimes when i'm experiencing Braxton Hicks but he wiggles and moves after them. I'm a first time mom, and unfortunately my mother and I aren't that close and after 3 pregnancies and 4 babies, I figured she'd be more helpful, lol. So anybody that has any stories on the subject, i'm more than willing to read about it.

  • I'm not sure about other babies but my little girl was super still for the last few days before delivery that's not to say that she didn't move at all though she would change position from time to time causing the nurses to re-position the monitor. She was known to kick the ultrasound wand and wildly flip around so i'd say she was very active over all. I heard from many moms that their babies became really still as they approached their due date so it didn't really surprise me at all that my baby did the same. I don't know how common it is for babies to drastically change position during labor that would cause a difficult delivery though. maybe one of the nurses on here would be able to enlighten you a little better.  

  • Babies do move during labor - the hospital will have a monitor on you most likely to check his movements. This is an important thing for them to monitor as it tells them how your baby is handling the stress of contractions. However, despite all that movement, mothers often don't really feel it. When you are having contractions, the baby is wiggling around more than kicking and doing tons of obvious movement. Hope this helps a little bit!