Worried !!

  • Im due in the next week !! I had a false labor 2 days ago.. Im so worried and excited at the same time. I keep thinking about labor and how would it be. I guess ill be fine all what i need is a help in the beginning of the mommy new stage 

  • Hey its normal to worry if you would be a good mom and can handle all the responsiblities alone. Just because your thinking that way then sure your a great mom !! Hope that helps 

  • Good luck! It is such an exciting time. Let us know when you have the baby and if we can do anything to help answer your questions. Congrats!

  • Congrats on your baby on the way! I think anticipating the labor portion of things is one of the worst parts! Something about your natural instinct just takes over when you go into labor and your body responds naturally to the contractions and everything going on inside of you. You will do fabulously! All the people in the hospital will hopefully be a big help to you as they coach you through the real thing. Keep us updated! 

  • Congratulation !! Dont worry it will pass. Your body will do whats needed to do just dont be afraid. You have to be happy that your baby is coming its the most precious gift keep us on :) 

  • I've got a ways to go but I have the same feelings about my baby coming. By now your baby has probably been born (congratulations) and I bet you are doing a great job as a mommy. 

  • Don't feel too worried Alizreik , just relax everything will goes well at the right time.

  • You will do great! Keep calm, it is a wonderful experience! Just remember the signs of true labor!