19, pregnant, and scared...

  • Madi i now excalty what your going through im 19 and my boyfriend is a whole lot older than me. The way i told my family is by telling them that i love him and he loves me and that we make each other happy. After i got pregnant and found out that out that our son had trisomy 18 an would not make it to his 1 birthday. He stayed with me through out everything. Even at 34 weeks when i went into labor and our son didnt make it. he stayed  and now my family love him. So if they love you they well respect your decision. I hope everything works out for you hope your baby is happy and health.



  • Madi.


    I am 23 years old and about to have my 3rd child. Needless to say, after this one, I'm done. I was 19 when I had my first, would have been a junior in college but had to leave college for a semester because I was 7 months pregnant and wasn't going to give birth in my college town. I was terrified, but my parents and my husband helped me through it. We now have 2 beautiful children, 4 years and 8 months. While I would have liked to wait for my third child until my second was out of diapers, every child is a blessing. I know its hard. But you'll get through it!



  • Madi, I am so happy things have worked out for you.  Nothing is better than having the support of your family.  Wish mine lived closer so I wouldn't feel so alone.

  • Hi Madi, Congrats on your pregnancy!!! :)  i am also 19 expecting my first baby. i know exactly what you are going through. i was sooo scared to tell my family. the only difference was they knew about tyler. i thought they were going to be mad and hate me, i stressed about it for 3 months. when i told them, their reaction was nothing like i expected. they were dissapointed, but extremely happy about their first grandbaby and have been there for me, and have been a great support group. looking back stressing about it for so long wasnt worth it. it wasnt good for me or the baby. your family is always going to be your family, they will always love you. they might be mad for awhile, but most likely you will be suprised by their reaction. and it isnt good for you to stress about it and put it off! totally normal to be scared, everybody gets scared i think. hopefully everything goes well for you!!! thinking about you :) keep us posted. -Amber

  • i love the never ending support from everyone and i think it is time for an update! lolz since i have told my family things been great. my mother and i haven't been this close since i was ten. my boyfriend and i looking into tying knot when we can afford it. we have been through a lot but things have been looking up. the final count down is here and with only a couple of weeks left i am so excited and i feel soooo unprepared! but that is normal and i couldn't be happier. just waiting for my little jellybean to arrive. :)

  • madi,

    I am a first time mom as well. I'm not only married, but we planned for our baby. Even though we planned, I ended up feeling like a single parent! I'm the only one who takes care of the baby and does everything for him, including buying diapers. My husband pops in every now and then to see how we're doing and talk to our son. I have no help at all. This isn't how I wanted things to go, but that's how they're going. My point is, you may think you cant do it alone, but believe me, you'll find the strength to. The first weeks are the HARDEST, that's because you have to get into a routine and get used to all the changes. Get AS MUCH sleep as possible!!!! Sleep EVERYTIME the baby sleeps, even when you're not tired. You'll need it!!!! I'm by no means trying to scare you. I just want to try and prepare you! You might end up raising your precious gift alone. But its all sooo worth it!!! When your baby looks at you for comfort and security, your heart is going to melt!!! I really do wish you the best! I hope I didn't come off negative! Congratulations on your precious bundle of joy!!! I wish you and your little peanut the very best!!! Big Smile

  • I am glad you and your mom are becoming so close!!!! You sound like you are going to do fantastic! if it makes you feel any better, i'm 27, married, divorced and with a 6 year old.... just found out i'm pregnant with my second child and i was still scared to death to tell my parents! Everything will be fine. There is a reason that this is happening now and not later on down the road. You're going to do great!!!! :) congratulations on your little jellybean!!!!!!

  • First, congratulations on your new baby! Second, it's okay to be scared. You are right, you should tell your family sooner rather than later. You should also tell them about your boyfriend. They may not react bad. If they do, remember that it is your decision (about the baby and him). I think they will be happy for you, they should be. They also may worry less or something if they know you are in a relationship. Also, if you tell them you are pregnant you will have support. Support is a great thing to have when you are pregnant.