I'm Pregnent

  • Hi All Smile,,,,

    My name is sandhya, this is me & my husband RAJENDHER first baby. we got married on march14 of this year and i came to USA 2months later after our marriage thats in MAY . my husband says am too young for this as am jus 23years old. but we are soo excited about our baby. I am 3months pregnent now. everything is normal my health n test results are good. still am feeling nausea sometimes.  my problem is from past 2 to 3 weeks am not able to sleep properly, is it common in pregnency ??? and am waking up in the night for every 2hours and  once i woke up am not getting sleep again,  eventhough am not feeling tired n restless. but i wanna really sleep alotttt .. Can ne1 tell anything for my problem.. waiting for some1's reply....

  • hello Sandhya, Congrats on your baby! i am new to this site but not new to those feelings. you probably still have a little morning sickness. a lot of people think that you only get morning sickness in the morning but you can actually get it all throughout the day. you can try to eat crackers or lemons to reduce some of the nausea. about your not getting any sleep. you are going to get a lot of that too. it is why you feel so tired through out the day. a womens bladder is already small and then you have a baby growing in you and it makes you have to pee even more. i am 6 months right now and i get up about 3 to 4 times everynight, just wait until you can feel the baby move....its really awesome but they send to kick just when you want to lay down b/c your body motion rocks them to sleep and when you lay down that rocking stops.

  • hii Kimberlee, thanx and CONGRATS to u too.. thanq very much for sharing ur feelings n information given to me.. i came to know from ur profile that ur having a girl... i'm also waiting to know the gender of my baby.. wish to see more messages from you... take care....

  • Sandyha, congratulations on your pregnancy. Sleep troubles are extremely common during pregnancy. I always found it helpful to do prenatal yoga during the day, take a warm bath before bed, and use tons of pillows for support. If I ever couldn't sleep I tried to just get up and read or do something else instead of staying in bed wishing I was sleeping. I often took a short nap during the day to catch up. You may want to limit your fluid intake a few hours before bedtime to avoid having to go to the bathroom quite so much. If you find that your inability to sleep is becoming a real problem, then be sure to talk to your obstetrician about it. He/she will have more suggestions on what is safe and helpful.


  • Hi Sandhya! Welcome to our group! I am a person who needs a lot of sleep, so when I found myself being unusually sleepy (like going to bed at 8 p.m.), I didn't think much more than I was simply not getting enough sleep. Then I found out I was pregnant and spent the next six months perpetually exhausted. So, I'd say that what you're experiencing is totally normal. Your body is going through so much right now, even though you might not be able to feel it, and this sleeplessness and sleepiness is its way of letting you know how much work it's doing. Just listen to your body and give it what it needs. This is probably the only time in your life when you have free reign to do just that!

  • hi sandhya i am having the same problems at night where i cant sleep and its very annoying. i wake up around 1.30am and im up for at least 2 hours every morning and i fall back asleep anytime after 3.00am. what i do is, i just relax lay down and close my eyes and pray to god that i go back to sleep. my boyfriend is very supportive of me in the night but i know he gets mad sometimes lol as far as the nausea i have it real bad to the point where i sometimes cry because i cant handle it but this is my 2nd pregnancy and i didnt feel like this with my daughter but take care and i hope all goes well.