Third trimester and THIRSTY!!

  • Hey Everyone!!

    I am now in my third trimester and aside from the occassions aches and growing pain...I've noticed an INCREASED need for water!!! I am drinking it like I've run a marathon in a dry desert! LOL You know what that means....more trips to the bathroom!!!  I should seriously start keeping tally of how many bathroom trips I'm making. Just 2 1/2 more months and I get to meet my little stinker.


    Anyone else in the same boat?


    The joys of pregnancy...Big Smile

  • I noticed an increase need for water when I was pregnant too! But increased thirst could also be a sign of something else==have you been tested for gestational diabetes yet? That is that yucky orange drink you have to drink. Sometimes when your sugars are high you can get a bit thirsty. That being said, it is probably just your body changing and growing with pregnancy. I drank a lot of water and milk during that last trimester! Good luck

  • Yep, took the GI test and passed! No diabetes...

  • Oh good! Glad that you passed that test. :-) I remembering being pretty thirsty in my third trimester as well. I guzzled water and milk like it was going out of style! Gotta love all those pesky bathroom trips! Hang in there!! It'll be worth it!! :-) 

  • Moriah-So glad that test came back negative. Stay in close contact with your health care team though.  We want a healthy baby and a healthy mom!


  • Thanks! Same here milk and water are my NEW best friends!! :)

  • My name is Rachel. My soon to be born daughters name will be Moriah. I am oretty healthy no worries there. I'm in constant communication with my midwife and team. I go to my bi weekly appts also. All is well over here.

  • So glad things are going well...when are you due?

  • So glad things are going well for you.  I love the name you picked out for your daughter.  That is really pretty!


  • Moriah is a beautiful name! I really loved Mariah if we had a girl but we ended up with a wonderful second baby boy. :-) Since you have a midwife, will you be delivering at home or in a birthing center or hospital? I have several friends who have had fabulous birthing center experiences with their midwives. Hope you have a great weekend!

  • I'm due November 29th

  • Thanks Jess! :)

  • Thank you!! I will be delivering at the hospital but the midwive will do everything unless, I run into complications. It's been a great experience thus far...she's great , knowledgable and very personable. I recommend a midwive to everyone! They are awesom!