new to dis hmu :)

  • i am 18 years old and pregnant with my secound baby gurl...i am married now :) due date is almost here...oct.21.2012 im nervouse because every delivery is diffrnt soo any tips ?

  • xlindax,

    Welcome to the board!  How exciting that you are having a baby girl-and pretty soon!  How old is your older daughter?  You are going to be a busy momma!  You are right in that every delivery is different, do you have any specific concerns or questions?

    I am really glad that you found the website as I think you will get a lot of support here and find this a good place to come to get questions answered as well as support.  Let us know how we can support you!


  • No delivery tips from me other than to trust your doctor. What always made me feel better was the knowledge that we know what to do through instinct... that billions of people have delivered successfully. Of course, I didn't go through the pain of labor and delivery! Good luck and congratulations!

  • You are so close to your due date - congrats! Do you have a name picked out for your daughter? How old is your first girl? Is she excited? I know you will do wonderfully. How did your first delivery go? I'll stop asking questions now but just know that everything will come back to you and your body will take over in the delivery process. Let us know how it all goes!

  • sorry i dint write bak quick....well my first little gurl is 11months old...shes growing so fast...also the only thng that scares me is if i have to get a c-sectio due to the baby is really big...well i dont thnk ima make it ti the 40weeks the uther week i was in the hospital due to vomiting alot and i had to stay over night cus i started having contractions every 4min...i only opened 1cm...becuase the nurse had to try n stop my contractions cus i was 36weeks and its better to have the baby at 38weeks because der still growing please rite bak

  • lol hii..and yes i am very close to my due date :)....last week i was in the hospital due to vomiting i had to stay over night because i started having contractions every 4min...they had to stop them because i was 36weeks and its better to hav the baby 38weeks because somethng isnt form until 38wks...also my first baby is 11months old burly lol shes growing so fast....and my first delivery went gewd my husban was der fo me and help me out thnx rite me bak!! :)