• I  found out that I am having TWINS at 20 weeks. How can you not tell me that before hand. Now I have to get twice as much stuff in a short amount of time. I don't feel like I have twins maybe that's why I find it so hard to believe if I had not seen it on an ultrasound. I almost fainted. I am now 36 weeks and ready for all of this to be over. I thought they would come early. No such luck.

  • WOW!  That is big news!  Are they boys, girls or one of each?  Do you have other children?  I'm so impressed that you have made it through to 36 months.  I can't imagine how uncomfortable you must be, but know that these last 4 weeks of pregnancy will help them develop their lungs and bodies further making the transition to life on the outside of mom much much easier.  It sounds like you are doing everything right if you have kept from delivering to this point.  Please keep us up to date!


  • I am having a boy and a girl. Ava and Dean. I have a 2 yr old named Charlotte. I am not moving around at all except to pee. I have been feeling what I think are contractions all day but nothing major so I can not go in. Maybe in a few hours I might have kids. Thank the Lord. I can not wait for it to be over.

  • Congratulations mostenson, what a very nice gift to you and your husband. Its such a blessing.

    Wishing you all the best and to your coming babies. Many women wish to have a twins especially a boy and girl twin.

  • How are you doing? It is so exciting to be almost ready to meet your babies! Let us know how things go and congratulations

  • My mom forced me home to shower and I just checked my email and wanted to let everyone know that my babies are here and healthy. Dean weighs 5.3 and Ava came in at 5.2. No wonder I thought I was going to explode. Thank you for the well wishes and God bless.

  • Wow - congratulations on such healthy and fabulous twins! I just love their names. :-) I hope you are doing well and adjusting to having new babies around. It's quite exhausting but very worth it! Sounds like you have some good family support with your mom around? What does your older child think of them? Hang in there and I'm thrilled for you!