what do yall think?

  • so i am guna b 38 weeks on monday and i need opinions....my first baby name is Haley alexa Luevano....and i am thnkn about putn this baby thats comin Nora Alexandria Luevano....but my hubby wunts Genisis aliya luevano....i need help wich one should i put or do yall hav a better middle name for Nora or is it ok the way it is ? please help

  • I like them both ---they are both beautiful. What about compromising and naming the baby Nora Genisis or Genisis Nora? Either way they are both beautiful and unique names. 

  • Oh, I love your name! Nora is such a pretty name and I think it's just timeless and classic. I'd maybe go with your first name and compromise by having your husband pick the middle name. That is what my husband and I did with our son and it worked out well. :-) 

  • thnk yall both..well i lik nora and now we are deciden on nora Alexandria luevano...she can b here any day now :)

  • Beautiful! SO PRETTY - make sure to put up pictures when she arrives! 

  • So glad you were able to come to an agreement on the baby's name. Choosing a baby name is so hard sometimes, but I think you have a beautiful one! Let us know when she arrives!