bring on the sweets

  • Hey ladies,

    So the count down has begun..I'm 8months pregnant!! Almost to the finish line. :)

    I think it's so funny how before pregnancy...I wasn't a sweet eater. But NOW thats all I want, cake cake and more cake!!! Is this common?

    I'm going to have major cavities after this baby! LOL

  • Well your dentist must love you! lol.  I had to smile reading your post about sweets, I think we all go through that at one point or another.  I think that you are most likely listening to your body, and it's needing carbs right now for energy to get that baby to week 40 healthy and fully developed.  LOL-is there ever a better reason to have cupcakes?!

    Congrats on your progress in your pregnancy and keep us posted on how things are going for you,


  • Oh my goodness, my little boy is now 6 weeks old and I STILL want sweets! I had the same development as you! All that Halloween candy in the stores isn't helping, is it?? Congrats on being so close. :-) Not much longer! 

  • oh boy! so this means it may not end after child birth??! LOL I've bought two bags of halloween candy the first bag full of kit kats didn't sand a chance lol.

    Thanks so much for the note! :)

  • Me too!! People keep telling me I am going to have diabetes!! Eek!

  • To funny on the Halloween candy!  Not the time to be pregnant and craving sweets!!  How is everyone holding up?


  • OMG! I hope I don't get I've been eating lots of sweets lol


  • ha ha totally isn't...and then thanksgiving next month! BRING ON THE POUNDS!! lol im kidding I've only gained 31 pounds and I'm a week shy of being 9 months!! go me!! :)


    Baby and I are doing well :)

  • Halloween is a tough time no matter if your pregnant or not, but being pregnant doesn't help! Try to hang in there and tell yourself that you can have something sweet after dinner if you are good all day long. That may help you keep your cravings at bay! Good luck !