Anybody considering a natural birth?

  • Hi everybody. I've still got a ways to go before my little one is due, but I am thinking about options for the birth. I want to have a natural birth with as little interventions as possible. I don't want an epidural (I may regret that later), nor to be induced if I go past my due date unless there's a serious problem. I'm even considering a possible home birth.

    Is anybody else planning on a natural birth? Have any moms had this experience?

  • We have not considered a natural birth, but I do know many couples have specific birth plans, and many choose a natural option. I think seeking advice is a great way to start and certainly being in close agreement with your doctor is an essential part of any birth plan. Good luck!

  • Thank you and I think I should talk to my doctor about birthing centers and natural births at my next appointment. Hopefully she could give me some more insight.

  • Good for you to be planning ahead! I personally have ended up with an epidural each time but  I know many people who have had natural births and loved it! I think one of the biggest things is to have your healthcare team on board and understand what your decision is regarding your birth plan. Do you have a OB team that would do a home birth? I'd chat with them and find out what resources other mothers have used that have had natural births. Finding a good doula to support you can be invaluable as well. Good luck and you can do it! :-) 

  • Good advice as far as using a doula - that's another area that I want to explore. However, I heard that they are not covered by healthcare and I really don't have extra money at the moment unfortunately. Sad

    I actually do not know who my official OB is. Both times that I have visited my doctor's office, it has been kind of hectic honestly. Last time, I was assisted by 4 different people and all different from the first visit. Next time I go on the 30th this month, that is something that I should clarify!

  • We are doing a water birth, which MUST be done in the home in Illinois. Have you heard of You might try searching for a "homebirth" group (or maybe a natural birth group) in your area, or maybe at least a mom's group where undoubtedly, some women may have ended up with a natural birth. You can find out which doctors or midwives or practice they used and get some real-life experience advice. Good luck!