idk mayb contractions ???

  • so i got up today at 10 and been feeling lower back feels a little sharp....has anyone felt this pain? 38weeks pregoo

  • Did you give your doctor a call? Some women definitely have back labor and you can feel it tightening or cramping up. I know I certainly felt the majority of my labor in my back. Best thing to do is give your doctor a call so that they know what is going on with you. Sometimes dehydration can cause women to have false labor so making sure you are hydrated and drinking plenty of fluids is also a good thing to do. Let us know how you are!

  • Definitely give your doctor a call.  They might send you to labor and delivery to get checked out and monitored for a bit.  I had back labor with my first and it can get pretty intense.  Best of luck!!

  • Hey, just checking in to see if you have had your beautiful baby yet?? Any news?