38 weeks and freaking out

  • The doctor says im starting to dialate and that it can be any day now. I feel unprepared. the house is a mess my emotions are hay wire and I have no clue what to do. Im also scared of not knowing when labor will start and im scared to go through it  as well, I see all these stories of things that can go wrong while in the hospital and it freaks me out even more.

  • MamaRae121-

    Wow, you have a lot on your mind.  First of all take a deep breath.  It sounds like you are at 38 weeks which means that your baby is well developed and ready to enter the world.  It might help to think a bit about all the healthy babies that are born.  It's the sad cases that we always hear about, not the healthy ones...but the majority (by far) of babies that are born-are the healthy ones!  Spend some time thinking positive thoughts "I'm going to have a healthy baby and be just fine", and when you hear that panic set it try to stop it and replace with those positive thoughts.  Keep us posted on how you are doing-we are a good support system.


  • Congrats on your little one coming - take a deep breath and just realize that the house doesn't have to be perfect and things don't have to be exactly in order for you to welcome your baby. I know that your emotions are incredibly strong as you draw near to your delivery - I just hope you know how normal you are. Perhaps try to do a few things that are relaxing to you such as a bath, a pedicure, some nice walks, etc. I'd give your doctor a call and ask them when they would like you to all them and head to the hospital. Labor often feels like a tightening, painful cramp. Other's describe it as a feeling like you have to have a bowel movement or you have gas. You'll notice that this feeling becomes rather regular and then relaxes at times. That is most likely labor. Another thing that happens to women is they often pass a mucous plug, which can be yellow/brownish in nature. This is a sign that the cervix is dilating and getting ready to begin labor. Hang in there - you will do very well and most of the horror stories are not the average experience that a woman has. You will do great!! 

  • I have been having that tightening feeling, and I wasn't ready for cramps again. All of this started on Monday, I started to lose my mucus plug, and i started to get cramps. I called my doctor and they werent to worried. Since then I have been having bad back pain and tightening a few times a day, I have been a emotional wreck crying over every little thing, and i started to  break out real bad so im not looking my best right now. I have a dr appt tomorrow, I'm really hoping he is saying it is time because im not sure I can handle anymore.

  • Well just got back from the appt. Im effaced 70% and the baby is station -1 and i have not started dialating


  • Your emotions go haywire the last month before you have a baby....even if this is not your first. Try to relax and remember that it will be over before you know it and you will be holding your new baby. Trust me when I tell you that the house will never be clean enough, the room will never be completely ready, and the time will never be totally right---yet, when you hold your baby for the first time...everything is perfect. Hang in there. 

  • Natural to be freaked out but try the best you can to relax. The only thing that is important is for your baby and you to have as safe a delivery as possible. I always made myself feel better by thinking about our ancestors, like the cavemen. Somehow our ancestors knew what to do despite having no doctors, hospitals, baby books etc. If they could do it, so can you! Good luck!

  • I'm so glad that you saw your doc and that you are keeping us updated as well!  Can you think of some fun things that you can do over the weekend to distract yourself from being worried and relax?  Are there any good TV shows or movies that you want to see?  Are you a reader? Knitting? Quilting? Cleaning? What has helped you get through other things in your life that are difficult with success in the past?  

    Do let us know how we can best support you, and keep us in the loop!

    Gentle hugs,


  • How are you doing? Just wanted to check in with you!

  • Well honestly I feel like crap. I have not been sleeping well and im not sure but i think im having some contractions. They are not frequent but man do they hurt. My back is killing me and im having stomach issues. Im just ready for this LO to come.

  • I'm sending positive labor thoughts your way! The end is the longest part sometimes!! Hang in there - I hope you don't have to work or anything like that. Warm baths always helped my back and labor pains. Hope your little one comes soon! 

  • First stay calm. Second take a very slooooow deep breath. And third whenever you do go into labor it will be veryy scary but it is TOTALLY normal and it will also be very exciting. There is nothing to be nervous of about the hospital and your labor process epidural were a god given gift Smile and if you decide to have one you will feel nothing but pressure. The doctors and nurses will take very good care of you and your baby and will you everything possible to make sure you are both safe and comfortable.  And when your sweet little baby comes into this world nothing else will matter but you and him/her. When you look into those little eyes your messy house, and even the thought of being unprepared with leave your thoughts immediately (and when you go home you will miss having that nurse button or as i called it my "butler" button) count your blessings (and those tiny toes and fingers!!) and remember your mother instincts will kick in and you will have nothing to worry about!!!