Pregnancy food aversions!

  • When I was pregnant with my son, I absolutely hated the smell and sight of fish! When I was pregnant with my daughter, I actually couldn’t stand the taste of chocolate--of all things!!! What weird food aversions do you have? -- Bonnie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • I have actually eaten things I didn't like before I got pregnant!! Salmon for one!!

  • Wow! That's funny---you liked salmon and I hated it when I was pregnant!


  • For some reason, my wife got sick even thinking about eating Cheetos... I made sure I disposed of them as quickly as possible...

  • Hahah - Nice one AnswerDad. I could've helped in that department too! I had a really hard time walking by the meat department in the grocery store. It just smelled horrible to me. I can't remember not really liking to eat anything in particular but I remember smells being rough. 

  • I think I could eat the ENTIRE grocery store.

  • I am currently not eating chicken. 

  • With my son I couldn't cook meat, once it was cooked I could eat it.

    This time around, I cannot eat pork.  The thought and the smell makes me so sick!

  • i hated the smell of BBQ!!!! and i looooveeee BBQ, it was crazy!

  • I love hearing about everyone's little quirks. So funny!  I can relate to eating the entire grocery store. :-p