Gender reveal party! yes? or no?

  • so in 2 weeks we find out what we are having. at first we decided we wanted his and my parents to go with us, then we heard about the gender reveal party...i need ideas because we dont want them to be upset. this is what we have planned....the guest that are comin would wear pink if they thaught it was a girl and blue for boy....of course mommy wears pink and dad blue...then we get a big box and put girl? or boy? on it. what ever you are havin you would put that color ballons in the box when u take the lid of the balloons would go up and everyone would know what ur havin....then we thaught about the cake....gettin the bakery to make the inside of the cake blue or pink then we will cut it and everyone would know.....

    * We just worry about making our parents upset :(

  • Why would your parents be upset? I think the gender reveal party is a great idea! I like the bakery idea alot and it is really festive and a great way to celebrate with your family. Let us know what you decide to do and congratulations!!!

  • Sounds like a great idea to me... can I come?

  • I think that is the coolest idea! :)  It's not only cool but I think it would be a fun way for everyone to learn about the soon to be newest edition to your family.  I would just keep your positive and upbeat attitude and I think it will work out just fine.  Let us know how the party went, I know I'm not the only one that will be waiting to hear. :)


  • thanks so much. i think we are gonna stick with this! ill let everyone know how it goes!...thanks again!

  • Yes! So fun! I don't think your parents would be terribly upset. Either way, everyone gets to have fun and celebrate their soon-to-be grandchild! Sometimes ultrasound places will give you a cd with a little movie of the child moving - maybe you could ask for that and play it so everyone can see. Let us know what you are having!!