Haunted Houses!!

  • So I am 26 weeks and a horror junkie! I am planning on going to a haunted house this weekend. I never really get that scared in there but I do love them! My question is do you think it is ok going while pregnant? I really think so and pretty much anyone I have talked to thinks so except for the chance I could fall down which has never happened any time I have ever been in a haunted house. opinions?!

  • Before doing anything out of the ordinary, I would check with your doctor to be sure he or she thinks it is okay. I would imagine that watching a horror movie or going to a haunted house would be okay, but just to be safe make a quick call to your doctor and get his or her approval. Congratulations!

  • I agree with our other MommyRN4-CHeck with your doc first.  Missing one year of Halloween fun, but having a healthy baby would be ideal. Just think before long you'll be taking your little ghost or pumpkin along with you!


  • I think a quick call to your doctor's office to confirm that it's okay is a good idea and then have some fun! I'm a haunted house wimp! I get totally freaked out by them. :-p 

  • Checking with your doc is a prerequisite for anything at this point. My only concern would be if there is a type of ride there. At amusement parks, there are usually guidelines for pregnant women posted. Always better to be safe! Good luck and happy fright night!

  • Putting in a call today!!! :) Thank yall for being supportive and not going NOOO right away!! No there will be no rides there its a walk through I have been before and it really wasn't that scary! If I miss it though I'm 100% sure that I will be a ok! hehe

  • Ask for your doctors advise first and think millions times before you do some actions. Be sure that you wont regret in the end. Goodluck dawn9800.