Young and Pregnant

  • I'm 19 years old and this is my first pregnancy. Although I have the full support of the babys father and both our families, I'm very nervous for what's to come...I work full time right now and I find that even though it's not a very physically demanding job I'm exhausted by the time I get off. I'm also very nervous about what to expect with my labor and delivery..Any suggestions or words of encouragement for me??

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy.  When are you due?  Just have faith and pray.  Everything will be fine.  Rest when you need to rest and don't over exert yourself.  I am currently pregnant also and due in 3 weeks.  I am still working and I am so exhausted also, but I nap during lunch time and nap when I get home.  Delegate things to your baby's father or other family members.  Its great to have that support.  If you have done lamaze then you will do fine, if not then speak with your OBGYN on options when you go into labor.

    You will be fine.  Take care and good luck.

  • Congratulations and welcome to the boards!

    Hang in there! I was in the same boat with my first pregnancy, as well.I was 19 and had no idea what to expect. I was so scared about labor and delivery, that I actually inhibited my progress when the time came. My advice to you on this is to relax as much as you can and learn from others what you might expect during labor and delivery. Watching TLC's A Baby Story is a good place to go. There's also a thread on the boards here for moms to share their birth stories. Though there's no way to know for sure what it's going to be like, listening to these stories can help mentally prepare you for the possibilities ahead.

    Pregnancy takes a lot out of your body and it's natural for you to be exhausted at the end of the day. Listen to your body and give it it rest that it needs. Lean on your family for support whenever you can. They know you're going through a very stressful time right now, so don't be afraid to try and take advantage of whatever help they might offer.

    Finally, come to StrongMoms as often as you can. There's a lot of information here and advice from parents who've seen just about every type of circumstance you can imagine. We're here to answer your questions and give you the support you need during this exciting and scary time.


  • It depeands on how your labor goes, some go just fine others are a little hard, My first son was doing really good I dialated to a 91/2 then I found out my docter had to do a cearean, both me and my son are doing good, my other son now 2 came 2 months early and was born cearean and had to be in the nicu he is doing really good now, but i must tell you that all preganceys are diffarent

  • Hello, My name is Ashley. I am 18 years old and I just had a baby 6 weeks ago. I was in your position not too long ago, very nervous and exhausted. I also had both support from my baby's daddy and our families. Being nervous is expected. Was this a surprise or expected? Mine was a surprise, a very biggg surprise. I however did not have a full time job but attended school til the day before I had my babygirl. I was always exhausted and wanting to sleep. Everyones labor and delivery is different. No one feels the same pains or can really be ready for labor. But you can do it! If I could do it, you'll be a pro. Just remember to always stay calm because your baby can get stressed out really easily in your belly. But if you have any question, dont be afraid to ask. I was there just not too long ago and its still fresh in my mind. =D good luck to you!

  • Being 37 when my wife gave birth to our first daughter, I don't have that much in common with you. However the thing that we do have in common is that I never felt I would have the time, energy or patience to be able to deal with a child. When we had one, I never could conceive that we would able to deal with two, but lo and behold, now we have two and we are managing. That's not to say that we don't have our days and night once in a while pulling our hair out! I think the bottom line is that whatever your circumstances, your parental instincts seem to take over and you are able to find whatever time and strength you need. Best of luck, and try to embrace this momentous occasion in your life!

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy. This is my first one as well. I think in the beginning of the pregnancy everything is new so your body feels more tired than usual. I know I was. But then as time passes you do get a bit more energy. I started visiting the website when I first found out, 5 months ago, I am at 6 month now and I have learned alot just from reading the different blogs. They are very useful. So my recommendation would be to read the blogs when you have time, they are entertaining and full of wisdom. Enjoy the pregnancy. I'll be glad to help answer any questions that I can.

  • My pregnancy was kind of a mix of both surprise and expected. Me and my boyfriend weren't using protection so obviously we knew a baby would be the outcome, I just don't think we thought it would be so soon...I feel like no matter what time i go to bed I always have to drag myself out of bed and off to work...Honestly how bad are the labor pains? Ive heard many different stories and comparisons...How's your baby girl doing? What's it like being a new mommy?

  • I'm due January 1st so I could have a New Years baby!...Good luck with your delievery it must be so exciting being due in only 3 weeks...I only have a half hour lunch otherwise I would love to take a nap..The babys father has been amazing so far, my mom is a little over protective and wont let me lift or clean a single thing and at times its frustrating. I was looking into taking some birthing classes and first time parent classes because this is a first for both me and the father..Thank you for replying and for the support.

    Good Luck and let me know how things go with your baby!

  • Thank you for answering, I really appreciate a Dad's point of view especially since me and the babys father had some struggles in the very begining...I try to enjoy the pregnancy as much as I can (and its alot easier now that the morning sickness, or should I say all day sickness has ended).

  • Hey I'm 20 and this is my first pregnancy too. I'm totally nervous to...When's ur due date?

  • I am also a young mother. I was 19 with my first pregnancy and it ended with a miscarriage. I was 21 when I found out I was pregnant again but this time with twins. I am 22 now and had them almost 6 months ago. My pregnancy was really exhausting and all the feelings of being nervous and anxious are expected with everyone. It will get easier and more exciting as time goes on. I delievered both my boys naturally with no drugs and I never went to any classes or anything. It is awfully painful, obviously. But I always told myself that the baby has to come out, one way or another. And once it does, you feel great! The pain goes away and you are blessed with this baby. The happiest time of your life, I assure you. I worried a lot about the pains and trust me, it isn't worth worrying about because it has to happen. Just try to enjoy this and go with the flow of things, its an amazing experience.

  • I just had my first child and even at 27 I was terrified of the labor and delivery process. I can honestly say it was no where near what I had thought it to be. I ended up getting an epidural...which I had been terrified of as well...and it was nothing compared to the contractions. In total I was in labor for 21hours but only in pain for the delivery part...about 30min. I also worked up until I had her, which was difficult but Im glad I did it so I have all 6wks at home with her here and not waiting for her to arrive. I would go to bed about 9pm during the week and slept in on the weekends, it seemed to help. Good luck with everything, it wont be as bad as you think!

  • It's my pleasure to try and help! Stress is universal. Being a parent is probably the most streeeful thing you can do, but it's also the greatest. Just realizing that billions of parents have gone through it before, and billions more will go through it in the future makes it a little easier to cope for me.

  • Just to add to our stress, my boyfriend proposed to me yesterday and now we have to choose between having a small family wedding or eloping...i personally want a small wedding but I don't know if we can even afford mom is willing to pay half but would like his family to pay the other half...seeing as weve got the cost down to almost $3000(not including my dress), it would only require his family to pay $1500, but i doubt theyre going to help...i have so much pressure on me to figure out were going to do and i just dont want to give away my dreams of having a wedding just because im expected....