18 Weeks & huge

  • Okay, So I'm new to this but I'm 18 weeks today and I know 4 other people who are just about as far along as me. However, non of them are showing like this. I've had the doctor check and double check and there is only one baby in there! Is this normal? ( and when I say huge I mean I look like I'm about 7 months.

  • I'm really glad to hear that you have seen your doctor and been checked by him/her.  How are you feeling?  I would say that if you have a funny feeling in your gut (intuition) that there is something off then go back to the doctor.  If you don't, the doctor says your fine, and you feel ok then just watch your weight and other ways your body is changing carefully and go in if you are concerned.  

    Congrats on your pregnancy!  Keep us in the loop on how things are going,


  • Don't worry...I carried big too and it is just how your body is. Just make sure you are eating healthy and doing what you can to ensure a healthy baby...when your baby arrives it will all be worth it! Don't compare yourself to others...or you will be one unhappy momma! Enjoy your pregnancy and all that it is!

  • Are you, by any chance, short? Sometimes people who are short or more petite will REALLY show their baby and just carry on the big side. Every body is different and everyone carries their pregnancies differently. MommyRN4 is right - just enjoy your pregnancy and don't worry too much about how you look compared to everyone else. You are carrying this baby in your own unique and perfect way! :-) 

  • no worries Jess i am huge too when i was 3 mths i looked like i was 6 ...:) it was my turn in my family for twins so you know what was going through my head .... but ultra sound showed a baby girl and noother lil monsters sharing her space :) ... so just keep eating healthy and taking care of that baby ... alot has to do with your size prior to pregnancy too i believe :)!!!

  • If your Doc says you are Ok, then I agree with the other posts... embrace your baby bump and continue to monitor your progress.