What is your worst pregnancy symptom?

  • While pregnancy is a wonderful time, sometimes you don’t feel so wonderful! When I was pregnant, I had a horrible stuffy nose that lasted all 9 months! To make matters worse, I couldn’t take any medication. What is your worst pregnancy symptom and how do you cope with it? -- Bonnie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • I am 4 weeks and 2 days. I would have to say cramps and nasal stuffiness just like yours. I'm cramping alot more because I have ovarian cysts as well from when i ovulated. Luckily they are no concern based on the ultrasound today :) whew! my coping has been re-positioning and some heat, mostly re-positioning. For the stuffiness, vicks baby rub, humidifier, and saline nasal spray :) Any other advice for the stuffiness?

  • Stuffy nose, yes! I need my ceiling fan going all the time when I sleep or I can't breathe at night. To make matters worse than that...I get nosebleeds every other day. I find it's best not to blow my nose if I can stand it, because the vessels will rupture. So far it's working, even though it drives me crazy!

  • I hate to say that I never really found anything that completely took away the stuffy nose, but saline spray helped and so did wearing breath right strips. In addition, a little vicks vapor rub helped. Talk to your doctor and see if she recommends something specific. Every doctor is different about what products they want you to use and not use when you are pregnant.

  • @mommyRN4.... thanks for the advice. i will def talk to my doc. 

  • i have the same problem with my nose!!! i always have my fan on, and its always dry and im always getting nose bleeds!!!  Thought i was alone :D

  • Wow - sounds like lots of people had stuffy noses! Guess I was lucky to skip that one! My least favorite symptom was the pressure that pregnancy put on my sciatic nerve and I'd get SHOOTING pain down my hip and right leg. That wasn't fun. :-/

  • I'm a little over 35 weeks pregnant and I have had morning sickness the entire time since i was 6 weeks pregnant. Morning sickness is the worst thing for me, but it also lasts all day instead of just being in the morning like everyone else.

  • Oh my gosh. Sad that is a long time to have all day nausea. That doesn't seem fair at all!  Have you talked to your doctor at all about getting some medication to help with that?  Have you tried the ginger teas?  Gingerale? Ginger candy?  I know that helps a lot of people.  You are just going to feel so much better once you have that baby-you won't believe that you were able to tolerate being nauseas for so long.  I'm also hoping some of the other members can help with other ideas for nausea.  Hang in there, things can only get better!  -Jess

  • It's horrible, I don't see how I can stand it myself, although I joke around and say that I am taking the symptoms my sister didn't have because she had a very easy pregnancy. I've also tried everything, its really weird because drinking gingerale will work one day and then have no effect the next day. I went to my doctor and she gave me some pills to help, although I don't like taking them because i get really tired and lazy. I can't wait to get my baby out, it feels like it is just around the corner!

  • I've been pregnant 5 times and I think I have had all of the pregnancy symptoms by now! I seemed to have new ones every pregnancy and then there are always the standard ones--heartburn, stuffy nose, nausea. 

    This last pregnancy though, I had restless leg syndrome. It is weird cause my legs just wanted to move when I was trying to sleep! It was very annoying. Did anyone else experience this?

  • when i was pregnant with my now 3 year old son i had really bad morning sickness that lasted all day and it was like that for my first 6 months of being pregnant

  • Just like me blckrose4u101, still remember the time that I was pregnant with my little girl.I had a morning sickness and I keep on vomiting that last from 2 months of my pregnancy until 7 months. I was thin at that time because every after I am done eating I then vomit and vomit. 

  • During also my pregnancy I had a sleepless nights because of heartburn. I often have headache as well. 

  • Ugh that would be bad to have morning sickness for so long!