What is your worst pregnancy symptom?

  • Yeah MommyRN4, very bad. To suffer so much morning sickness.

  • Everything!!  I have terrible morning (really all day) sickness, car sicnkess, insomnia, dry nose, etc..... I thought for sure this would be a girl, because my pregnancy with my son was so easy!!  But just had an ultrasound yesterday and its another little boy!Big Smile I couldnt be happier!!  I also got an anti nausea med from the Dr, so i am starting to fell human again, thank god!

  • In my first pregnancy I had almost no symptoms. My breasts were sore (but it didn't bother me) and one day I had joint pains all over, but that was it. It was a good, easy pregnancy. This time I am having almost no symptoms as well. Before I knew I was pregnant I though I had the flu (for 2 weeks haha), but that was probably some morning sickness. I also have sore breasts. That's it though, nothing else. I am lucky with pregnancies. :)

  • Ethansmommies- I survived my pregnancies because of anti-nausea drugs. Such a relief! I'm glad you are feeling better. Congrats on another boy!!! :-D