NEWBIE with a gender question......Please ease my mind!!! CONFUSED

  • Hi everyone I am new to this site, I am 14.5 weeks pg,and I went to ER a week ago due to serve back pain (nothing was wrong) but the lady told me that she saw it being a boby and showed me his boy part and the baby grabbed it 3 times Wink, anyways i was thinking 13 weeks was a little to early to tell even though the baby had his legs up and a 3rd one in the middle.... I was wondering if maybe that could be the umbilical cord, I am not due for the gender ultra sound from my dr for another 3-4 weeks. I hear  that boys are easier to spot and this could 90% be a boy due to that but then I hear that seeing it like I did and the baby grabbing it like he/she did is little to early.... any input would be great


    Im not buying anything yet thats for I said I just feel like its to early,and wondering what the chances are on it really being a boy or the umbilical cord 

  • I found out that my daughter was a girl when I was just 15 weeks pregnant, so it is possible that you are in fact having a little boy. I wouldn't rush out and paint the room or stock up on Thomas trains just yet though. Wait another month until  it is confirmed in the large ultrasound at 20 weeks just to be sure. If they find a little boy at that ultrasound, then you can feel a lot safer painting your nursery blue! Although ultrasound mistakes do happen, they are not as common these days! Good luck!

  • Oh gosh!  I think MommyRN4 has some good advice here!  I was born pre-ultrasound days, but my mom was sure i was going to be a boy.  I still have the birth announcements in my baby book-all blue paper with blue coveralls as the background to my name, wt, height birthday announcement.  Mom had, however, gone through and glued a little pink bow to the top of each one following my birth as a happy healthy baby girl.  I still tease her about it!  Better safe than a life time of having your now adult child still give you a bad time about missing out boy vs girl!  -Jess

  • To echo what the other posters said, it is possible to see some things as early as your ultrasound tech did but it's not a 100% fool proof thing to see at that point. My coworker was told she was having a girl at an early ultrasound, only to find out it was a boy at the 20 week ultrasound. Hopefully you'll get your confirmation of a boy soon. :-) Any names?? 

  • Thank u for input, I totally agree.... I do have a feeling it is a boy....I only have about 3 1/2 weeks until I go for another ultra sound, I am going to ask my dr when I go in a week (which I will be 15 weeks buy scheduled csection but by ER tech 16 weeks) if I can maybe go ahead and get the ultra sound or within a week after.

    I know I will start getting weekly shots at 16 weeks and then get a ultra sound every 2 weeks (ultra sound every 2 weeks starts at 18 weeks) just cause I have a split uterus and the shots are to help me from going into pre-term labor cause I started going in pre-term labor (17 yrs ago) with my son,and we want to keep this bundle of joy in me as long as we can or atleast until April. 

  • OMG that kinda happened to my god son, he was suppose to be a girl and we got everything pink room painted pink,even a painting of her name on the wall....and when she was born,she was a he lol!

  • NAMES have been so hard me and my husband bump heads.... but we have came up with John Preston Ryder Stanford....I know 2 middle names but we plan on going by Preston at least until he is old enough to pick what he would like to go by. We think John Is a more strong name, and its my fathers name (hopefully he is born on or around my fathers bday,it would so make him so happy since hes sick).

    Now if it was or ends up being a girl we are going with Regan Mckinley Stanford (I thought it sounded kinda presidential...LOL

    I just hate the waiting game until we find out what the gender is like the 2 wait week !

  • I wanted to say that I LOVE the name Regan Mckinley Stanford,  Mckinley is such a cool name, and Regan is just different enough that every kindergartener won't have that same name.  But then you think it might be a boy-hmm.  You'll know pretty soon!


  • Your names are beautiful and I love them! Can't wait to find out what you are having in a couple of weeks!