First baby and its so hard to think of a baby name!!!

  • How does everyone think of names? I have looked on the internet and in baby books..

    This seems to be such a huge decision for me. My husband and I just cannot agree on a name. I am only 10 weeks and I told him that we have plenty of time but he is so set on boy names, idk. All i know is I am so excited but the whole name part is scarey because I don't want to have a horrible name lol someone please help and tell me how you got threw it.

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy! It is such a fun time...but choosing a baby name is indeed stressful for many new moms and dads. It can be tough...but it is important to know that no matter what name you choose you will LOVE it because every time you think of that name you will think of your child. For example....when we were pregnant with my third child, I couldn't think of a boy name I liked. My husband liked the name Ethan, but I wasn't sold on it. When he was born, we named him Ethan and I love it now. No will find the name that is best for you!


  • Well congratulations!! I didn't start thinking of names until I was 20 weeks and knew what I was having. I still couldn't think of a name then! My little sister picked the name for me.. It's hard but it becomes WAY EASIER once you know the gender of the baby. Just ask people for ideas and write all down. And narrow it down once you know the gender :)

  • I want to echo the congrats on your pregnancy.  It seems there are a lot of parents posting about names right now!  I think that once you meet the baby you will just know what the name is supposed to be-so don't sweat it to much.


  • Congrats! So happy for you with your first little one. :-) I echo Ginaia - sometimes waiting until you know if the baby is a boy or a girl can be nice. You can sort of play around with various names now and get more serious about it once you know which category you need to focus on. My husband and I didn't agree right away on names either. We had a little list of names that we individually liked and if the other person thought it was a "maybe", then we'd add it to the list. Eventually, we started to like some of the same ones and got some feedback from family members. It'll happen - don't worry! 

  • Well first time it can be difficult esp. early on with all the other thoughts in your mind, but just take it day by day. We just took suggestions on facebook for a name for my this our first  baby girl. I hadnt even looked at name book and I am 37 weeks pregnant. I had other things going on and thank god for friends. Because I posted a honest heartfelt post about names I got suggestions. I had a name I liked but my DH hated it. So I thought OMG what am I gonna do this girl is gonna be named girl (Lastname). So again maybe post on facebook and ask your friends for suggestions It really helped me. I am proud to say that because of a friend we came up with Aleigha and then I just ran threw middle names in my head and she will be called Aleigha McKenzi. It was a name my DH liked too. But I can just say from experience I ussually had 2 names at delivery one I liked and one hubby liked and took a poll from labor nurses who are my friends to decide when my sons arrived on one. I hope this helps and I can tell you you may find one you absolutely love but dad hates, so then it gets even tougher. But go with your instincts. If you hear one you really like maybe from a movie or something or a suggestion consider it maybe change the spelling or you can always ask ppl u know for suggestions. I wanted to name our daughter TeyAnna BTW he hated it. And Like I said we just found her name last week and shes coming soon so dont worry you will get him one. And have hiom write down the ones he likes and look ot over and if nothing there sounds good to you maybe look for similiar ones our last son my Dh wanted to name Devon I didnt wanna name him that  so I looked for names that ended in on and we decided on Peyton. Again best of luck. Names can be tough.

  • Congratulations! You are not alone with thinking about baby names already. I'm 10 weeks and I already narrowed it down to 2 girl names and still working on boy names. One thing that help me was watching my favorite movie. Both of my girls names are inspired by the movie. Also, my parents could not agree on a name for me either. My parents settled their dispute while watching a movie. In the credits they saw a name that caught both of their eye and agreed that was the perfect name. Maybe your inspiration won't come from a list of names but somewhere out of nowhere. You still have a ways to go, so I would say just keep your eyes and ears open for that perfect name and it could pop up anywhere.

  • Congrats on your pregnancy!! :) Picking a name is sooo stressful! me and my boyfriend have decided to keep the name we decide on (when we decide on one...) a secret. mostly because EVERYBODY has an opinion. it seems like when you finally find one you LOVE, you tell someone and they say something that will always stick in your head. also, you need to think about what the babys last name is and what the middle name might be and the initials!!! my sisters name is Paige Mackenzie. which is a beautiful name, but lets just say she marries john Smith. her initials are going to be PMS haha. just something else to think about. whatever name you pick, your going to love. i always wondered if i was going to regret picking a name, and a close friend told me that whatever name i put on my baby girls birth certificate is going to be special to me because its no longer just a name. every time i think about that name, my little girl will be in my head, and not just the name. so that has helped me calm down about it, and stop stressing so much! good luck to you! im sure whatever you pick is going to be perfect, just like your little one :)

  • congrats on your pregnancy!!!! what me and my husband did, is we waited until we found out the sex. Then we went through baby name books together, and literally read every baby name out loud. we wrote down the ones we liked, then we went through the ones we liked until we finally read one that we both just stopped and looked at each other, and we both loved it! you have to understand that not EVERYONE is going to like ANY name you pick. so pick one with a good meaning and one you both agree on!!! good luck!!!! Smile

  • momiof122- That's pretty much how my husband and I came up with our first little boy's name! None of our family really liked the name much at all but we stuck with it, because we knew we loved it and it was a good, strong name. Now everyone says they can't imagine him with any other name! Basically, a child becomes their name...stick with one you love! :-) I also thinking keeping it a secret is a fun idea - keeps some mystery to the whole thing and people can hardly tell you it's a bad name when your baby has already been born and officially has been named! :-) 

  • We actually went back through our family trees  about 7 generations in search of a name that the both of us could agree on. We chose a combination of our grandfathers names for a boy and Our daughters name came from a great great aunt on my fiances side. Her middle name was taken from my sister who is very dear to me. I have gotten a lot of compliments on my daughters name, but my dad absolutely hated it and insisted that he find her a nickname so that he didn't have to use her real name... We stuck with our decision and now we have a little Hazel Marie.... And that is exactly what my dad calls her. When the name is attached to the face it becomes much more special and suddenly takes on a better "stigma"

  • It is good to pick out a boy and girl name so you are prepared. You could make a list of boy and girl names you like, and your husband can make a list of names for boys and girls that he likes. Then after you find out the sex of your baby you can shorten your lists and that should help make it a little easier to pick a name. I hope that helped!