• hello my name is frances i'm 18 years old going on my second daughter just turned 13 months..i'm due on sept. 28, daugter is always crying for me to carry her and being fusssy all the's my question....WELL CAN SHE FEEL THAT I'M PREGNANT?

  • Try to give her as much attention as possible right now wile you still have the time.  They have books at the library for explaning  to toddlers about getting a new Sister or Brother.  Toddlers understand more than you think.

  • She might have some idea as it becomes very obvious that you are expecting, but I don't think a child that young can comprehend what is going to happen. All my friends with babies as close as yours are going to be said that their oldest just took it in stride. The clinginess is probably just part of being her age.

  • My two daughters are only 17 months apart, and like you, I felt like my older daughter sensed very early in the pregnancy that changes were coming. All you can do is continue to be the most loving and caring parent you can be, and your daughter will be able to make the adjustment during pregnancy and after you deliver.

  • From what i have been told about children is that the have a very high sensitvity to such things, and when they sense that mommy is pregnate they can try and become attached to you as well and the attention seeker. My daughter is going on a yr old in a week and she has been super fussy and only wants me now instead of her daddy or grandparents and thats what made me think about when was my period and oh my goddness im late  lol

    no worries soon she will get used to you being prego and will start to undrstand that mommy cant always be here only for me

  • It's hard to say what they really know at this age, but I like to think that there is some instinctive sense that tells them something is up. I agree with the others that what your daughter is doing is most likely a phase that's part of the age she's at right now.