New Mom

  • Hi guys Smile I'm 34 weeks pregnant and I'm excited to meet my little girl but I'm freaking out about labor and delivery any suggestions? 

  • yah just breath it works i didnt think it would but it dose take some classes

  • I am not as far along as you ( only 20 weeks) but I understand the freak out about delivery. I am still not sure what I am going to do but I am leaning more towards the natural birth (plus that lovely epidural) However my boyfriends first child with his ex wife had a really big head and she had to go into emergency c. Don't let that freak you out though. I would talk to your doctor about your options (if you aren't sure what to do) and if you have decided what you are going to do then I suggest doing research and talking to others who have done it the same way. 

    I don't think that birth is easy for anyone. I think some can go a lot smoother than others, but lets face it, you are pushing something giant out of your vagina and it's not a pleasant thought and can't be a pleasant experience. 

    The best I can say after that is good luck and I'm right there with you. 

  • I think that being nervous about delivery is something shared by many women-as you can tell just through replies here!  When facing something that is frightening many people find that the more they know about it the better it feels-so just as suggested talking to your doctor or midwife is a great place to start.  Then reaching out to others is another thing that many find helpful-and this is a great place to come.  I think that we often hear the most about things when they don't go well, so thinking about all those births that go well-and those are the ones we are not often hearing about first helps some people.  

    Keep asking questions and learn as much as you can-I think for many knowledge is power!  


  • I'd echo some of the other ladies and suggest going to classes! It is so helpful to know what to expect and have a chance to answer some of your questions. I got through my nerves by remembering that the nurses who will help me literally deliver hundreds of babies every they can help you. It also helped me to remember that women have delivered babies for thousands of years and we are stronger than we think sometimes! Good luck. :-)