30 weeks and getting anxious/nervous

  • I am so excited, scared, worried all at the same time and im worried that it might be harmful. Sometimes i get overly mad or overly upset/sad and my emotions are on the fritz.....HELP PLEASE

  • Hi Courtney, I can understand your excitement and worry about nearing your due date. I guess it will be your first baby. Don't worry about it and it will be done with out much worries. I have gone through this once and felt relly happy about it. I will be waiting for my second soon. All the best.

  • It is easy to get nervous as the due date approaches. What you may be  feeling is a nesting instinct as well. That can feel a lot like anxiety. Take a few deep breaths and start preparing for your new baby to arrive. Before you know it he/she will be here! Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

  • I think that the anxiety you are expressing is totally normal!  It might help though to have somethings at hand to keep your mind busy when it gets going to fast.  For instance maybe some internet sites (like this one!) that you can go to for support and distraction.  A list of friends you can call.  Games? puzzles? What else is helpful and calming when you are having a rough time?

    Hang in therel!


  • Sometimes, as my due date approached, it helped me to make a list of things that I was nervous or worried about. I'd try to do whatever needed to be done to help me ease those fears. For example, if I was stressed about getting the nursery set up, I made a list of things I needed to do to finish it off. If I was nervous about delivery, I made sure to set up classes to go to. Hope this helps - give it a try. 

  • Everything you are feeling is normal.  I agree with everyone else.  Do things to help you keep your mind off your worries.  I have a 5yr old so I play board and card games with him.  I work and then come home to make grocery list to grab those things from the store when needed. I find shows on TV to watch.  I also get on sites like this one and others.  Keeping yourself occupied is the key.  Focus on planning and not so much thinking of the what if's and all will be a smooth sail.  Good luck!!!!!!!!  Smile

  • Hey Courtneyandtwon6-

    Your due date is approaching. Are you hanging in there okay? Hopefully the holidays were a nice distraction! Let us know how you are doing. ;-) 

  • I know how you feel. I'm 35 weeks and have been told I'm going to be having a very large baby he's weighing in about 2 lbs over the average so I have been super nervous but I have been trying to keep busy by making sure I have things packed for the hospital. I also took up knitting and made the baby a hat to wear home. I've also found myself reading a lot and depending on my husband to get our other child ready for bed and such to help me relax and take my mind off things. You just need to find something that you can pick up at will to take your mind off things. They say staying calm is the best way to help prepare your body for labor and delivery.