A good OB

  • What do you think makes for a good OB-GYN? I've moved since having my first child and will be picking a different doctor when I try for my second child...what do you think I should look for? There are tons of options and I'm having a hard time deciding which doctor to go with. --Julie, StongMoms Facilitator

  • I think that it is really important to feel like your OB has time for you. Make sure she spends time talking with you during visits and that her exams are thorough. If you feel rushed or like she would rather be somewhere else, then that is a big red flag in my opinion.

  • I'm in the same boat, only i had to choose one sooner for an IUD removal. I LOVED my last OB. She was everything i wanted in a doctor. She was the type who told you just enough information to put your fears at ease, but never told you anything unnecessary. Better yet she was friendly, kind, personable, and an amazing delivery room cheerleader. Considering i hold my old doctor in such high regard it has made me so much more critical of my other doctors. Definitely choose one now so that you're already on his/her patient list for when you start trying for another baby. It has been my experience that most of the more experienced and desirable doctors are booked pretty full and are hard to get an appointment with. I wound up with a lady that has been out of school for a couple of years now. (that sounds so terrible). She really is nice, but I can tell that she isn't as seasoned in the field just by the way she talks to people. While i was in there and telling her why i wanted my IUD removed she proceeded to tell me all the things that it has been tested with/ for... As if my reasons weren't valid or good enough and i didn't know what i was talking about. Well I'm the kind of person who does my research pretty thoroughly and i can tell you that i know exactly what my IUD has been tested for and what it's ratings are for preventing pregnancy and can even tell you what percentage of women have become pregnant while using that particular IUD... Then one day a commercial for the law offices of so and so comes on with a lawsuit for that IUD... Well i'm sorry but when lawsuits come out so does the IUD!!! anyhow definitely sit down and talk to several doctors to make sure you mesh well and start looking early so that you get someone you like. 

  • Oh gosh Brinny that is a story.  I think that bedside manner is something that providers either have or they don't have.  I've found in teaching nurses that some students have the makings of good bedside manner and some don't.  I think the thing that you hit on is that you need to feel really comfortable with the provider that you are working with-and that is across all levels-bedside manner, skill, practice, knowledge, ect. As a patient I generally know in the first 2 minutes whether or not I am comfortable with a provider.  I have a few doctors that I've had to break in-lol.  The deal with that though, is that I was able to say a bit about what i needed and they were responsive and earned my trust.  It is very much a give and take relationship.  I think I'm a bit off subject, so I think that my suggestions on finding a GYN and how i found mine was word of mouth.  I had several friends that told me this gal (an ARNP) is fantastic.  Then I also knew she lectures within our school of nursing, and I know that she does volumes of gyn procedures, IUDs, ect per day-every day, and so she has solid skills.  The bonus is that she has great bedside manner.   Looking forward to hearig what others have to say!  Jess

  • Good info, you guys! I love hearing what people have to say - makes me think about aspects of a doctor's care that I don't always consider. I agree that a combo of experience and wisdom coupled with excellent bed side manner is really important. 

    Brinny - Did you end up moving on to a different OB-GYN? Sounds like the one you went to was nice enough but just not too seasoned yet...I had a regular family practice doctor like that once. I wear hearing aids and the first time I went to her, she spent about 10 minutes reviewing how to care for my hearing aids so that I wouldn't get an ear infection. After 20 plus years of wearing them, I'm sure I've figured it out for myself!! I had a hard time not smiling at her while she was telling me all this "new information". ;-) 

  • You are exactly right Julie.. She was nice, but i could just tell by the way she spoke to me that she hadn't been working with patients as long as some of the other doctors and was still pretty full of herself with the knowledge she has and had not yet "humbled" herself. I haven't yet chosen another doctor, but an definitely reviewing new options so that i can already be on their patient list for when i need my next exam or for my next baby whenever that may be.