Dealing with the stress of pregnancy

  • Hi.. im 20 years old and I'm carrying my second baby I lost the first one at 23weeks when i went into laborSad.. But since now I'm 27 weeks with my second baby I'm a bit more happy that if anything happens they have a chance to save her... But how do you deal with the stress? when in the back of your mind your scared to go on another week not knowing when you can go into labor?? Does anyone know how to cope?? or any advice

  • i feel the same way i'm 35week any day know i coould go into labor and i'm scared as hell because diz is my first baby and i'm have a boy...

  • I always pray when I am stressed. I try to recognize that there are things that are out of my control and worrying about them doesn't prevent them from happening. Most of what I worry about (almost all of it actually) never happens. I am so sorry for the baby you lost. That is almost certainly playing a huge roll in your stress. How is your pregnancy this time? Any signs of preterm labor? Are you on bedrest?

  • I would try to focus on the future and avoid thinking about what might go wrong. I totally understand your feelings of worry and was in a similar situation with my second pregnancy. What I did was tried not to think about it at all and go on with my day. Focus on work, family, the house, hobbies, friends, etc., while still keeping an eye on how my body was doing. This can really help lower your stress levels.