Annoying habit

  • I am 6 1/2 months pregnant and for the past 2 months I've started an annoying habit of biting the skin in my mouth. I'm not doing it to a point of bleeding or anything crazy, but it is a constant habit. I'm not looking for any "medical advice" (my last post about this was deleted). I'm just looking to see if anyone has experienced this and has tips how to stop. Candy is only temporary and gum doesnt work. This is not a medical condition that concerns a doctor because I've told my pregnancy doc and he offers no solutions because it's a habit now. Thanks!

  • I think that many people have ways of self soothing, that become habits once they have been used enough.  The trick with things like this is to try to find something to replace first you have to notice what you are doing, and second try something-anything to replace the habit.  It sounds like you have already tried a few things.  Sometimes it's even just acknowledging it and then stopping...even though it will come back.  I think with time you will find that the habit will fade, but unfortunately no easy or quick fix.


  • Hey! I'd agree with Jess - try to find some behavior to replace your biting with. When you notice yourself biting your cheek, use the replacement behavior. Maybe it could be something as simple as taking a deep breath in and out. Hope you find some relief - not sure how else to break this habit! 

  • Habits are very hard to break and require a lot of persistence and attention. Do you recognize when you are biting your mouth or do you do it absentmindedly? 

  • Thank you for the feedback! I do recognize when I'm doing it, most of the time. Half the time I tell myself to stop, and the other half I'll just keep doing it. It is VERY hard to stop, especially when my anxiety is higher. Hoping it will fade soon though, because I don't really have any solutions to help stop.

  • Perhaps you will feel better once you deliver. How many more weeks until you are due? Keep up the efforts!!