am i little hurt :(

  • I'm sure he is feeling a lot of anxiety with the mass amount of people in the room! Wow! Maybe he felt useless and not involved because of all the people in the room. Honestly I would tell the doctors no interns, no family, and have only Doc, nurses and husband. Definitely talk to him and find out why though.

  • babyShields,So glad you both talked already and come up to a good decision. 



  • There is a reason for his response and the key is to find out why he feels this way. Men are emotional too and your husband must have a specific treason for his feeling. The reality is he probably felt hurt or scared the first time. Reassure him that his presence is important and HELPFUL to you. Men need to know they are needed. I bet if you get down to it he has a fear or phobia. Good luck. 

  • I highly agree with you PediNurseJulie1...