Love my OB-GYN

  • I have a different OB-GYN than I did with my first boy. I absolutely love this doctor. He is a good listener, very patient and kind, and does not do any unnecessary procedures. What things do you look for in your OB-GYN? What are your favorite characteristics about him/her? --Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I love my OBGYN too! I think that she is very patient and treats me like I am her only patient when she is with me. I never feel like she is rushing me out of the door. She also seems to love what she does and that always shows through.

  • I agree - you can tell when someone loves what they do! It shows in their work. :-) 

  • I love my OB and his NP. He works in a office full of other OBs but i will only see him and his NP! With my daughter he was very thorough and wasn't judgemental on me being obese when I got pregnant, This was key for me, made me feel comfortable and secure in my pregnant body. He ensured I had a wonderful pregnancy although High risk he did everything he could to make me comfortable. He didn't hide any details (although from time I wish he would of) made sure to follow close monitoring of my high risk, I had 26 ultrasounds, sent me for extra labs to ensure everything was fine. he TRULY went above and beyond to make my pregnancy the best he could. His NP is amazing as well, we saw her when we miscarried our second and she was empathic. Again went above and beyond your typical standard to help us through our difficult time. Both are amazing people who love what they do and it shows when they work with their patients

  • The trust and rapport with your OB-GYN is vital. As a father, I entrust my most precious posessions... my wife and children... to the Doc, so I am glad that I lke and respect every doc in my wife's practice. Patience is a big key for us as well. The doctor that performed my wife's first 3 C-sections is now only working part time, so now we have to use another doc from the practice. I like the other doc very much and she has impeccable references, but my anxiety is definitely heightened considering the first three went so smoothly.

  • Wow - they both sound amazing! I absolutely love it when you are able to find medical providers who are really invested in their patients. Sounds like you found some great people - I'm so glad everything went well for you and that you had such good care! 

  • My OB-GYNE, also is very patient and I love the way she treat her patients. She talk to us and make us always comfortable. That's what I am looking for in an OB-Gyne knows how to understand me and make me feel comfortable with her.

  • I think that it is so important to have a medical team that you can trust!  It is great to hear that you have both a physician and a Nurse Practitioner that earn high points in your view for the way they take care of you and that baby.  Wonderful news!