Just need some advice!!

  • Hi, my names Liz! This is my first pregnancy and I'm 38 weeks (almost there). I'm currently living at home because of my boyfriend and I's financial situation. I live with my parents, twin sister, older sister, and younger sister. I've had no problems my whole pregnancy with family ONLY with my sister's boyfriends. I find them very rude and they take advantage of my parents and our house. I've said things a few times to them but nothing has changed. As I get closer to my due date, I continue to stress over the problems I've been having with the BFs.

    I'm excepting a boy and I've heard man stories on boys coming late which I have sadly come to terms with. I'm just worried that with all the anxiety and stress I get being at my house with all these "annoyances" as I like to call them, he'll take even longer. I don't want anything to harm his or my health especially so close to him FINALLY arriving.

    I also cant seem to get the things I need to get done when they are around. The two AMAZING days my house was "annoyance" free since I've been pregnant, I got a lot of things done. I tend to stay in my room when they are here because I'd rather not hear the drama. I can get things done in my room but there is only so much I can do in there.

    Any suggestions to helping to deal with this? I've talked with my parents about it but they are too nice to put an end to the "annoyances". I also don't want my older sisters BF around my son at all. He has a daughter of his own and pays no attention to her. Why should he be able to spend time with my son? And I also don't agree with his lifestyle and just find him very annoying.

    ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I've never been one to care much about other people and usually just brush them off but pregnancy definitely changes everything about you. Will this last after pregnancy?

  • Hi Liz-

    I am just, for some reason, now seeing that this post didn't get answered.  I'm not sure how that happened!  It's been about a month and I wanted to find out how you are doing.  I'm guessing you have a new baby in your life by now.  How is motherhood going?  I'd love an update on your life.  Are there anyways that we can support you?