idk what to do

  • i am due 2/24/13 and i am just a lil bit scared i am a singl mom and at this pont i cant really get along with my failmy i yell at them and some times i cant stand them idk what to do i am raedy for my baby girl to be here this is my frist kid and i am 19 still yong idk how to be a mom i have helped rased my cuasans but that wuz not mine i just need some help on what to do and y i am doing stuf to harte my family 

  • Hormones could be a HUGE contributor in your distaste and mean-ness towards your family. I was so mean while i was pregnant mostly to my mom and fiance. It did clear up when my daughter was born thank goodness. As far as knowing how to be a mom is concerned just know having the babys best interest at heart goes a long way. Know that it's ok to get out and be on your own once in a while. and most important you don't need to know everything right now... a lot of what you need to know will come as you need it and if you have questions that really need answered you can always consult the babys doctor. They have great advice to hand out. Know that you are going to make mistakes from time to time, but learn from them and make a better decision the next time. The parents here are always up for giving some advice if you need it, or just to lend an ear if you need to vent. Congrats on your little girl.

  • thanks so much that is how i am i am mane mostly to my mom and dad and i just know my baby girl will be happy i will try my best at being a mom and do just as good as my mom did on me 

  •   Family is a big support system. Even though you may not always agree they love you and the baby too.  There are alot of free parenting classes through church programs and stuff like that you should really look into it. When I had my first baby thats what I did. You need to also make yourself into a spunge when it comes to reading on baby info. I read so much that when i went to classes I knew everything that they were telling me and it stuck. I was a single mother too and It took me a year befor I let a man into my life. But he is amazing and i love him and he loves Ben and our baby thats on the way. put love on the back burner because when its time it will happen on its own. for now put ALL your love and focus on the baby. Let your life surround the baby. If you do that all you will need is that baby to be happy ;)                                         God bless

  • Seems like you have already gotten some good advice and I wanted to reiterate that stress and hormones can make you behave differently when you are pregnant. Even still, try not to use that as an excuse to hurt people or be mean. There are some things you can't take back. Try apologizing to your family if you think you overreacted and let them know how scared you are. It just may help mend your relationships and get you some support that you need. Honesty and love are always the best options. Congratulations on your little girl!

  • Well thanks and iam not look for a man and all my love is on my baby and my family they r all here for me to help me i am happy to have them and i know when i have her everthang will be better

  • I think I felt pretty frustrated with my family at times when I was younger but once I had my little boy, I realized where my parents were coming from on a lot of issues. Sometimes you just want the best for your kids and don't always know how to say it the best way. The good news about family is that you can work hard to build good relationships and they are usually willing to forgive you and move on. 

    I'd second Puffball's idea of getting some parenting classes. There are usually support groups at the hospitals where you deliver to help with parenting. Newborn care classes are often available. If you use WIC or any other kind of support/public health program, ask about parenting classes and support. They can be invaluable! 

  • Stick out tongue your age and back round is ok.....just be the best mama you can be and educate yourself about being a mam it help so much good luck and congrats

  • Just enjoy being pregnant Maymay93 and be ready to become a mom. Once you had your child with you can soon learn the things that you  need to know. Just like me before, I didn't even have had any experience of taking care of baby but when I had my own baby I learned a lot of things unexpectedly.


  • Seeing that little face for the first time has a way of calming everything down and making things clearer. You know what you have to do because your mom instincts will kick in. You don't have to be perfect, you just have to love your baby and do your best. Congratulations!