A new mommy to be!!

  • Hello, i am 26 yrs old and i am expecting my first little bundle of joy. I have to admit that i am scared a little, i dont know what to expect. Any tips from other mommies will help.

  • well i really cant help u cas i am 19 and i am expecting my first but my mom told me ever thang will be ok just exrsiz and wolk and stuff sorry i culd not helop 

  • Congratulations! We are all here to help! Just jump in the conversations or post a question of your own. I have 5 small children and I am also a moderator on this site. Can I help? What types of questions did you have? 

  • I'm also a moderator like MommyRN4, we love new parents and we love hearing about new babies.  Do you have any specific questions, concerns or things you need support around?  Check out all the web boards, there are lots of posts that may get you started.  I'm so looking forward to learning more about how we can help and hearing about that baby!


  • Congrats! Looking forward to learning more about you and what things we can help you with! I'd just say, for starters, to read up on what to expect with pregnancy and labor/delivery. You can usually take classes through the hospital you deliver at. Work on eating a healthy diet and continuing to move and get some good exercise. Keeping good balance in your life will help make your pregnancy a little smother! Welcome! 

  • congrats!!!! im a new mommy to be as well! im 16 weeks and 3 days. i understand the fear and wondering what to expect. these sites are great and many new moms and veteran moms have a lot of advice. im at that point in my pregnancy where im wondering if everything is still ok bc i cant feel movement yet. thats all thats been on mind lately. got an appt on the 31st for another ultrasound. hopefully we will be able to find out the babys sex. ive been looking at nursery things all morning lol. how far along are you?