It's a Boy!!!

  • We found out that we are haveing a boy a few weeks ago. He was more than willing to show us what he was at just 13 weeks. i couldnt belive we found out so early. we are now 18 weeks and have another chance to see out little man soon.:) were super happy. i myself have one daughter and the man im with has 2 girls so all together 3 daughters and now we finaly got our little man! just wanted to share the great news:)


  • HavenPaige-

    What great great news!  I'm so glad that you shared with us!  I bet dad is super excited to have a boy on the way as well.  Keep us posted on how things are going for you!


  • Congratulations! Little boys are amazing and so much fun. I wish you both the best during your pregnancy! Welcome to Strong Moms and I hope to see you around on the boards. 

  • Oh, how fabulous!! Congrats on your little man! I have two boys and I think boys are wonderful. :-) You will love having a busy little guy running around. Any names picked out? 

  • Wow congratulations HavenPaige. I think you share it with us because your so much excited.

  • Congrats!

  • Havenpage-

    How are things going?  You can tell we have all been thinking about you!


  • Wow congratulations HavenPaige , I know and feel how happy you are now that you have your baby boy already.