Still early and VERY NERVOUS!

  • My husband and I have been TTC for about 3 years now. I have 2 healthy girls 9 and 11 from my previous marriage. We suffered 1 miscarriage (dr thinks it was due to low hormones) and now we are expecting again. We got our positive on Jan. 12 Saturday morning...remember it well! lol. Had a blood test done that Monday and it came back positive, but with low hormones so I began Progesterone 400 mg daily immediately. I had an ultrasound  Jan. 15, but we couldn't tell much. Just had to wait. So we had another today. Not sure if the Progesterone is what is helping, but we saw a HEARTBEAT today!!! I am measuring 6w3d. It is still early, but had to tell someone. I will stay on the Progesterone through the first trimester. Are there any positive stories about Progesterone and good pregnancies after miscarriage? If so, I would love to hear them. I need a little boost!

  • Hang in there... wishing you nothing but the best of luck to you and your family! Cherish your girls and take it day by day. Strong Moms is always here for you!

  • Oh gosh it sounds like you have been through a lot.  I am sending lots of positive energy for a healthy baby your way.  My good friend had a number of miscarriages and she now has a beautiful baby girl at home!  I'm hoping the very best, please keep us posted!


  • Congrats on your little one! I know how nerve wracking it can be when you've had a miscarriage. It's hard to even physically relax, let alone mentally and emotionally with your next pregnancy. So exciting that you saw a heartbeat! I have 3 different friends who have had miscarriages or a difficult time conceiving and were able to carry their baby to term with progesterone. They were really pleased with it! I hope you have an equally positive result. :-) I'll be thinking of you! 

  • Congrats!! I know exactly how you feel, i have had 2 miscarriages and have been ttc for a year we finally got BFP 2 weeks ago! I am currently 5w2days and excited but also holding back on my excitement because i am afraid to let the thought that i am going to have a baby set in. I want to believe everything will be good this time, but i cant get that over-exciting feeling just knowing my past. I have no known reasons for my last 2 miscarriages and have been tested for a few things and have been told all is well. 

    My doctor did a blood test for me said my HCG level was 3610 he said thats good and progesterone looked good. But i am not sure what to compare that too, i have looked online but then that leads to seeing different charts... I am anxious to be done with my first trimester, even though my misses were about 12 weeks.. not a fun experience at all.

    I wish you lots of luck with your pregnancy

  • It sounds like it is doing it's job! I hope all goes well for you and your baby. I am so sorry to hear about the miscarriage you had before. That must have been hard. I have never had a miscarriage and I just can't imagine. Try to keep positive! It is still early and things seem to be going well!

  • We had our first OB appointment yesterday. I am now 8w3d. We had an ultrasound just to be sure everything was ok. We saw the heartbeat again. The doctor is confident that everything is right on track this time. I go back March 7 for my next appointment, reassurance, and clearance to tell everyone. I am starting to actually get excited. I am trying to come up with creative ways to tell the girls the news next month.

    We did however get a little frustrating news. I suffered a blood clot in my gonadal vein about 3+ years ago due to the birth control patch. So now I am at high risk for another DVT with the pregnancy hormones. I have to start Lovenox (blood thinning shots in the stomach) shots immediately and continue until 6 weeks after. They are so painful, but so worth it. This will cause a few issues with having to have another scheduled c-section, but if we can make it to 39 weeks and my schedule date then everything will be ok. IF.... I go into labor early and can't come off the blood thinner in time, I will have to be put to sleep for the c-section. I am praying this doesn't happen as this will be a special day, but I know God doesn't give us more than we can handle.

  • JohnnysGirl12 - So glad things are looking good! It's always such a relief after having had a miscarriage to hear that heartbeat - pure happiness. :-) So sorry to hear about the Lovenox - no fun at all but you are right - it's all worth it. I'll be praying that you have a good outcome with your delivery and that you don't have to go through any unnecessary procedures. Can't wait to hear how you tell your girls! :-) 

  • I got miscarriage before but after 3 yrs, I had a good pregnancy and  now I had a pretty baby girl.