Well, so far, so good. Had another OB appointment yesterday and got to listen to the heartbeat again, which, according to the doctor, sounded really good.


However, the hospital where I will be delivering at and the same one that I have been going to for my ultrasounds want me to have an MRI done. Not for me, but for the baby. The reason that my doctor wrote down to schedule my MRI was: re-evaluate fetal intracranial anatomy. According to him, he said it's nothing to worry about nor should I panic. I'm just hoping that there isn't something wrong with the brain now. :\


But with that aside, my cervical length has been proving to be okay from all the ultrasounds I have been having, however, when I go for ultrasounds, they will always be checking my cervical length because as the baby continues to grow and take up more space, I guess it can cause my cervix to shorten so they will be watching for that.


April 8th marked my 24th week so I am definitely past the halfway mark. :P I am really starting to feel the side effects from being pregnant. When I go to sit, it's easier to keep my legs apart than close together because of my belly. XD I have also been feeling a little more clumsy than normal which is bad for me because I am already a total clutz. lol My hormones have also been getting the best of me and my husband really seems to be doing the best he can to try and keep me from getting too bad. I have a history of major depression issues and was hospitalized for it so he is really making sure I don't fall into a deep depression. I do love how he is more protective over me now though. :P hehe I don't know where I would be without him. <3