Baby shower planning—any fun ideas?


    Throwing a baby shower for someone can be fun, but stressful. Do you have any fun baby shower ideas or themes I can use? I would love to be unique and original if possible! – Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Great question Bonnie... baby showers are not my specialty, but my wonderfully creative wife suggests an eco-friendly shower. The "Go Green" party could include unwrapped gifts with environmentally-safe items. There are a lot of things to like about it... but may not be for everybody. 

  • We played several games at mine.

    1: Name that baby... Each guest brings a baby photo of them self and it is posted on a bulletin board with a number so everyone can see (Make sure you keep a hidden key with the answers). Each guest has to try to guess who each photo is.

    2. Tag Team Diaper change... The group is divided up into pairs, and each pair of partners gets a baby doll. One partner is blindfolded and the other has to guide her partner through the change.. Another fun twist is each partner can only use one hand (we do this not blindfolded)

    3. how many Q tips are in the bottle (it's surprising how many can actually fit into a bottle by the way)

    4.Who am I: This is a mingling game meant to help the guests become more comfortable with each other.  As each guest enters they get the name of a famous movie/ music Star and it is taped to their back. The object of the game is to mingle and guess whose name you have on your back. another fun idea is each guest is a baby item.

    5. the obvious don't say "BABY" or whatever word you choose. We usually go with the honorees name. each guest gets a clothes pin and when they say the magic word the pin is taken by whoever hears it. The person with the most pins at the end wins.

    6. Name the candy bar... fill diapers with different various melted candy bars and you have to guess which one is which.

    7. name the white stuff: Fill clear baby bottles with various white things and the guests have to guess what is in the bottles... Some of the things we use are baby powder, flour, baking soda, corn starch, confectioners sugar, coconut milk, milk,... i'm sure there are many more tricky things you could put in there.

    8. Diaper raffle: Each guest who brings a pack of diapers of any size or brand gets to put their name in a drawing for a $20 gift card. Most people will only bring a small pack so don't spend a ton on the gift card. I liked this one because i didn't have to buy diapers for the first few months of hazels life, and diapers are exchangeable so if you don't like a brand or need other sizes you can exchange for what's needed. Also it gave me a chance to test several brands to see which one worked best with my daughter.


    that is all i have off the top of my head, but if i come across any more i'll post them.

  • At my first baby shower we did a diaper raffle. Who ever brought diapers (along with a gift) would be entered in a drawing for a gift card! We also played a few games. One game was to cut a piece of yarn for how long around you thought the pregnant mom was and the winner got a prize. The other game was to guess how many bibs we would receive and the winner (or closest to the number) won a gift. Making a diaper cake is really neat too!

  • Those are some great suggestions. I am looking for a theme to throw my friend a baby shower and I am leaning towards a "rubber ducky" theme..what do you think? Any ideas for a gender neutral baby shower?

  • Perfect timing! I'm throwing one for a friend too! She is having a boy, but the ideas I plan to use could be used for either gender. I'm either going to do "Sweet Baby" or "Ready to Pop". For Sweet Baby, you can print out some quotes about how sweet babies are, etc and get some cheap frames at the Dollar Store or thrift store and frame them, put lots of different candies, desserts out, and let guests take home a mix of sweets. For Ready to Pop, you do everything with "pop" in the name! Going to serve soda pop, cake pops, etc. and have the guests take home a little popcorn tub that says "Christina is ready to pop!" with popcorn in it. You can send out fun invites for either one...which one do you guys think is better?? 

  • I love the rubber duckies idea.. You could go to Walmart and get those little $1 rubber duckies there are a ton of them in different colors and dressed up with different costumes. I may do that for hazels first birthday.. she LOVES her rubber duckies.

  • This is a great thread! Great suggestions everybody! Keep them coming!