I am pregnant again!

  • Hello, I signed up on this site with my son but never really utilized it. I figured I would this time. I had my son in April 2012 and he is 9 months old now. I found out a week ago that I am approximately 3 months pregnant. That came as a huge shock because: 1. I was on birth control 2. I still got what I thought was my period. I am not upset, I am excited and so is my fiance. It was just unexpected, but then again so was my son! I have an ultrasound tomorrow to see exactly how far along I am. So far, just like in my last pregnancy, I am tiny and have not changed in appearance yet. I think it is kind of neat that my children will be so close in age.

    When I was talking to the doctor, he said that this isn't common but it does happen and it turns out my body was releasing more than 1 egg at a time. This is their theory as to how I go pregnant (and probably how it happened last time too). I had not heard of that before.

  • Well firstly congrats on your second baby.. and also you can jump in at any time here. We don't care if you're still expecting or are just joining in with a toddler or an older child for that matter. We gain knowledge and support with every parent that joins and contributes, so welcome! I can imagine that would be a shock to find out you're pregnant again when you were taking precautions to prevent it so soon. But i must agree with you about the babies being close in age. My sister and I are 13 months apart and we are so close. She without a doubt is my best friend.

  • Wow - what a great surprise! It must have been quite a shock but I'm glad it's a good one for you. :-) I have several friends who have kids close in age and they absolutely love it! It's so neat to see how those kids love each other and are really good buddies to each other. Sounds like your first trimester must've been pretty easy - hope it stays that way! :-) 

  • Congratulations what a nice surprise! Having children close in age is busy but fun because you can do the same things with them. They will like the same TV shows, same games, and same outings! Have fun and enjoy your pregnancy! We are happy you are here with us!

  • Thank you! I think it will be fun, but I also know it will be a challenge. :)

  • Congrats! As surprises go it's hard to beat! Best of luck on your journey!

  • Having a child close at age is good. Although its hard when they were still a child but later on when they grown up that would be very nice.