I had an ultrasound today!

  • I had my ultrasound today to find out exactly how far along I am. In a previous post I made I mentioned that I found out about my pregnancy about a week ago. Well, I am exactly 12 weeks along! I cannot believe that I will be in the second trimester next week! When I found out I was pregnant with my son and we checked to see how far along I was I was only 6 weeks, so he didn't look much like a person. This baby though looked JUST like a little person! It was so adorable.

    I am interested in hearing about people who didn't know they were pregnant until later on.

  • MIssPammie-

    WOW!!!  That is so exciting, and I am so happy for you.  It's just awesome that you are at 12 weeks!  When is your next ultrasound?  You must be so excited.

    :) JessBig Smile

  • Awww, congrats!! 12 weeks really is pretty far along as baby development goes - I bet your little one looked so adorable! Can't say I have been in your shoes as far as finding out a little later in the pregnancy that I was pregnant but hopefully someone else can chime in. :-) 

  • It won't be until March 29th or after that since I will be able to find out the sex of the baby by then. :)

  • Miss Pamie-

    Are you counting the days until then?  What does your intuition tell you-boy or girl?  Surprise

    How are you feeling?  Keep us in the loop!


  • Congratulations MissPammie, so happy for you....

  • I have a boy so I am hoping for a girl, but my instincts are not working at all right now lol! I have no feelings on weather the baby will be a boy or girl. I am counting down the days! I am having my ultrasound April 2nd! My fiance seems to think girl and so does my grandma, but my mother and father think boy. Another boy is fine too. They are fun. My brother also thinks girl and he was right about my son being a boy haha.