I am pregnant with my second child..

  • I'm concerned right now with a head cold that I can't take anything for, so other then that--I go in for my 1st Doc visit Wed I'm happy to start this again--this will be my last child... no more after this... I am wondering what can I do this time to have the best delievery of this child as I did my 1st--- I rode a horse through my whole pregnancy last time but she died this past fall due to a bad wormer, so now I'm lost...

  • Congrats on your second baby! I am currently pregnant with my second as well. Not sure if it will be my last though, we will see. I had a head cold too for a week about 2 weeks ago and couldn't take anything for it. It wasn't fun, but it's better than risking harm to the baby.

  • Cookie_Cooke0528-

    I'm so sorry that you have a cold and I'm so sorry about your horse.  As you might be able to tell from my icon, I am a long time horse lover.  I grew up with quarter horses and so I certainly can understand the grief that you are feeling about that loss.  So far as your cold, drink warm fluids, get in a steamy shower to clear your congestion, curl up on the couch with a good movie or book, and really baby yourself. Hopefully you will be feeling better soon.  Take good care and let us know how we can support you,Gentle hugs,  Jess

  • I agree with Jess... a steamy shower can do a lot of good. Also have you tried contacting some stables in your area to see if they allow people to pay to ride? another idea is you could volunteer. it really helps out the stables because there isn't always enough time in the day to ride or work all of the horses in addition to cleaning and dressing the stalls, brushing/ bathing the horses, feeding and watering.... Since you have had a horse I imagine you know all of the work that goes into keeping one happy and healthy. It's great exercise. I Had an appaloosa when i was younger and i can relate to how much it hurts to loose such a wonderful companion. I wound up finding mine a good home on a colorado ranch because she just cost too much for me to give her everything she needed. She was a gift from my uncle for taking care of his cows. But i was simply too young to have a good enough job to support her... so i chose to give her a home where she could have everything she needed. It was the hardest thing i ever had to do at the time. It's been 14 years since i loaded her into that trailer and i still miss her dearly.

  • I had a quater horse from 1988 to 1995 he was my best friend, and then I had just bough Loops in 2010, I hate she died also---I lost both my horses and my best friends due to wormer, I'm sick of losing what means the most to me, and I swear I WILL OWN ANOTHER, BUT I'll not buy another wormer nor call a vet to worm them, horses in the wild eat the same stuff and they live forever,

    I want my horse back, she was my buddy, all I had to do was call her and she came running, we had so many adventures in just a short time, she went from being a doomed horse--she was going to die and then I found her and after some much needed work u couldn't believe she went from a bucking idoit to the best horse ever... I did all the work on this mare that no one else had the guts to do, and I made a show horse out of her, and now she's gone forever, it was the best $400 I ever spent and yes I'd live in a tent to do it all over again...

    but in my great state of West Virginia we don't has stables that anyone can just go work at, and u get lucky if u meet some one who'll let u ride their horse, but still the bottom line is it's theirs not mine, and I could really use that friend right now,

    My Pap came back with LGSIL and my stress has sky rocked, I never planned on being pregnant, and not haveing a peirod I shouldn't be pregnant, but I am and I just don't know what to do any more, I already know it's a girl cause there is no way a boy is this dang picky...

    I'm just mentally and physically not ready for this....

  • There are no local stables to me, I live in Southern West Virginia if u have horses here then u own them... this is just to stressful for me any more

  • Cookie-

    It sounds like you are really grieving the loss of a good friend, and facing some fears around being pregnant.  You are going through some rough stuff, and so it's time to really take care of yourself.  I want to encourage you to think back upon other times in your life that have been hard, and think about what it was that helped you get through those hard times.  What simple things did you do on a daily basis to get through?  What helped you the most?

    Do you have anyone in your life that you can call on for some support?  Have you ever thought about seeing a therapist-just to help you sort through everything that you are feeling.  

    Let us know how we can best support you.  I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time.


  • I'm sorry you are feeling so down and sad. It's so hard to lose friends that you are so close to - especially in a tough time like a pregnancy. Do you have any other family or friends near by for support? Is there any chance of looking into purchasing a horse anytime soon? I wish I could help make things better. :-( Just know you can come on here and vent anytime. Hang in there. 

  • HMMMM... That is a bum deal that there aren't any stables near by, and i understand that even though it wouldn't be your horse you were riding you have to admit that there is something very special about riding a horse, and even though you wouldn't have the same connection it would still be fun, good exercise, and therapeutic. But since that is not an option for you, is there anything that you can do to honor the memory of your horse and help the grieving process. Loosing a loved one isn't something that you easily get over, but I have always found it helpful to remember the good times. It can be painful to dredge up those memories, but it will help you move on and accept the change in your life.

  • yeah.... I wish I could just go get a horse, a yearling, something I could mold, but not yet... nope if

  • Jess_BabyRN, you had a very nice suggestion. 

  • Answer to my prayers has been given----I can get another horse and I FOUND 1---- Beautiful lil Mare $350.. I think I'm gonna take her and run... waiting on our weather to clear up so I can have a nice day--and I'm gonna go check her out... I can't wait... I found a good one, she's had the ground work done and that about it... I couldn't be happier then I am right now

  • AWWW Congrats!!! I'm so happy you have found a new horse to share your days with. Not to mention you will be able to pass on how amazing they are to your children.

  • Good luck with everything.  I just had my second and now he is three months old and I feel like things have gotten a lot easier.  No more kids for me either.  Two is great, they are so cute together and my husband and I still have the time to enjoy them!