Pregnancy and Exercise

  • When I was pregnant the first time I was a CNA and got a work out every day at work and it kept me in shape. Right now I am pregnant with my second child and I don't have a job so I have to do different things to stay in shape. Since it's winter I don't go for walks, but in the spring and summer I like to. I have been doing yoga, I enjoy it a lot. I also do Zumba sometimes as well. I am currently 12w 3d so I am going to have to be more careful with what I do at yoga (it's Hatha yoga). Zumba is fine as long as I don't overheat myself.

    I am curious, what have some of you done to stay in shape during your pregnancies?

  • Pammie-I'm so impressed with your dedication to staying in shape.  It is one of the very best things that we can do for ourselves-and baby!  I'll be interested to see what other moms and dads post in response to this as well.  One thing-and this might sound silly-that i do when the weather is yuck and it's dark out to boot, is walk in the mall.  I know this doesn't seem like a work out, but you can get in some good walking at the mall-and it's safe, dry and light.


  • Jess is right.. Mall walking is a nice activity when it's gross out. There's plenty to look at, you useually walk a long distance without realizing it, and there is usually an area where your children can play when they start to get bored with it. Not to mention there is a food court and restrooms.

  • Nice! Yoga is a great exercise! There are some awesome prenatal yoga classes you can take. Check those out, if you like. :-) I went hiking a lot when pregnant with my first (summertime of course). I also used the stair stepper or elliptical at the gym because it was less impact. Swimming was also a favorite! You can do that indoors or outdoors. Great when you are starting to feel really big with baby! 

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    Jess_BabyRN- That is a good option for when it is rainy out indeed. It is also a decent workout especially if I push the stroller with my son in it around.

    Brinny- That is very true!

    PediNurseJulie1- Swimming would be fun. I will do that once it becomes spring time for sure. Yoga is great, I just have to adjust certain positions now since it will soon be uncomfortable to lay on my belly.

  • MissPammie, hiking and swimming is also a good exercise.