Pregnancy and having a small child already

  • I have posted on here a few times already, I am 13w 2d along so far and I already have a 9 1/2 month old son. When the baby is born he will be 1 year and 3 months (or 4 depending on if the baby is late or early). I am worried that he might be jealous of the new baby. I know that is normal if he does end up being jealous, but I am not sure how to handle it. I will be being a stay at home mom with the 2 children and the baby is going to require a lot of attention, especially at first. Does anyone have any tips?

  • Children are remarkably adaptable and by the time the new baby is 1 month old, your little one won't even remember a time when he didn't have a sibling. I think the addition of a new baby is harder on older kids. With that in mind, just make a plan to spend time with your toddler. When the baby is sleeping, put the baby down and make it a point to read a story or play actively with your other son. That way when the baby needs your attention you can say...okay, now it is the baby's turn to play with mommy. Also, involve your son in as much as you can...let him help bring you lotion or the baby's pacifier. You will do fine and your children will grow up so close in age!! good luck!

  • I agree with MommyRN have some time set aside each day for your older child.  Having this be a planned on or set aside for him that is the same everyday will really help.  He will still be a bit young to do some of the other things I usually suggest such as having a doll for the older child to care for or having that older child take a role in his care-such as getting a blanket for him, sing a song, etc.  Let us know how things are going!


  • Thanks, that is helpful information. I plan to get him involved. I really don't want him to feel left out. He is still my baby boy.

  • Thanks. I know he will still be young, but kids are smart and I will have him help out however he can. I will also make sure to spend time with him too. I don't want home to feel left out. I also don't want to show any partiality.

  • I think you will do great. :-) Like MommyRN4 said, he is young enough that he will adjust pretty quickly and not even remember life without his little brother/sister! That can be so fun for them because they will grow up close in age and hopefully enjoy some of the same activities together. I really try to talk my baby son up to my 3 year old. I tell him his little brother just loves him and thinks he is amazing! My 3 year old really loves to hear that. ;-) 

  • MissPammie, your a good Maam because your concern of your childs feeling the older and the new one. I salute you for that.