Hi Everyone!

  • I am new here. My name is Beth, I'm 27 years old and am expecting my second child in Oct. I have a 6 year old little girl named Emily from a previous marriage. Smile I look forward to making friends and chatting with everyone!

  • Hello Beth, and welcome to the site! We are a fairly tight knit group of parents that love to help, so feel free to jump in! I am 28 and my little girl will be 1 on Sunday! My how time flies. Congrats on your second little one on the way.

  • Beth-

    WELCOME!!!! to Strong moms.  I'm so glad that you found your way here.  Also congrats on your pregnancy.  That is very exciting!  Is your daughter excited about being a big sister?  There is a great board here about older children with a lot of good questions and suggestions on helping them adjust to a sibling.

    Take a look around and let us know how we can best support you,


  • Welcome and congrats on your second baby! I am currently pregnant with my second child as well, but my first is only 9 months old and I am due August 16th! Haha, it will be alright though and it will be fun.

  • Welcome to Strong Moms! So happy you are here and that you are expecting. October is a wonderful time to have a baby--the weather is usually so nice no matter where you live! Congratulations and welcome!

  • Welcome! So glad you found us here! Congrats on your second baby. :-) How is Emily doing with the news of this pregnancy? Hopefully excited? Are you feeling okay? Looking forward to getting to know you better and cheering you on through your pregnancy. :-) 

  • Welcome to the site Beth. You can share with us here. Congrats to your coming 2nd child

  • Emily doesn't know about the new baby yet. right now our living situation isn't ideal, but we have a roof over our head. Emily and I are living with my parents and my fiance is living with some friends. it seems to be the only way that we can save money to get an apt of our own. 

    I am excited about the new baby. hoping for a boy, but will be happy as long as he/she is healthy.

    So far, no morning sickness (fingers crossed) just headaches.

    The one thing i worry about is how Emily will adjust. She is High functioning autistic with aspergers syndrome. She does have a step sister and half brother on her fathers side, but does not see them often.  

  • Does Emily have a school counselor or a therapist she sees? Perhaps they would have some ideas for how to help her adjust? So glad you are not dealing with a lot of pregnancy symptoms. I'll be crossing my fingers for a boy! 

  • Sparklenshine-

    It sounds like you are making some good choices to set things up to be more ideal in the future.  We all go through hard times.  I like PedinurseJulie's thoughts about involving a school counselor or support person. When children have fear being consistent and showing that you are going to be active in their lives no matter what is important.  So having a set time everyday a special time with your daughter and keeping that consistent should really help her have some reassurance.  

    Keep us posted,


  • She has her guidance counselor at school and she has her neurologist. no actual counselor though. I think she will be excited. it's going to be alot on her though because we will also be moving. right now my parents and i live in an apartment complex and i have spoken to my apartment mgn about being put on the move in list. she is going to try to see what she can do to get us into our own place within the next 8 months. i have a perfect rental history, just not the perfect credit (student loans Sad ) I explained to the apartment mgn that not only will it be ideal for emily to stay within her surroundings, but she won't have to transfer schools either. I will also be able to still take care of my  parents and watch out for them by having an apartment here in this complex.


  • Congratulations Beth! I am sure that parts of your life are confusing right now, but it sounds like you have been very thoughtful in trying to be as responsible as you can in managing your family. Best of luck in the coming months and I hope it all comes together for you before October. Having a child with autism/Aspergers is a challenge that requires patience and selflessness, and it sounds like you are a considerate mom!