Hi everyone

  • I'm new to the site and pregnancy. I just turned 23 on the 8th of this month, and on the 16th we got it confirmed that we are expecting our first baby Big Smile. I saw the doctor yesterday and he believes I'm six weeks and gave us the first EDD: October 24th, 2013. After my first ultra sound on the 7th he said he should know for sure and might change the EDD. My husband is also 23, we got married September 2012. We are both very excited, and nervous. This is the first grandbaby on both sides and everyone wants to tell us their opinion on what we need to do. I go to a local college, trying to get my general education out of the way, and don't have many friends or people to talk to. I'm looking forward to making some new friends and learning everything I need to know!

  • Sabreeze2026-

    Congrats on your pregnancy and WELCOME to strongmoms.  You have come to the right place for support and questions.  Everyone is very friendly and willing to offer encouragement and guidance.  

    I'm so glad that you have your husband and you can support one another.  Let us know how we can help and support you best.


  • Congrats on your pregnancy! Are you hoping for a boy or girl? Sounds like you and your husband are really giving the family something to be excited about with a new grand baby! Are you feeling okay thus far? Glad you joined us here! 

  • Congrats! I am 23 as well and expecting my second child. My son is only 10 months old and I am due in August. Pregnancy is exciting and I hope you have a wonderful one! This is a great site for talking about pregnancy and babies and everyone is very nice. :)

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I am pretty new to this site as well but have seen a lot of positive and encouraging information on it. I am currently 18w1d with a little girl. This is my third and my husband's first as well as his parents first grandchild.  Grandparents will always give you their opinion but the best way to handle that is to listen and thank them. Makes things go so much easier.

    Congratulations on your little one to come.

  • MTrout-

    That is some VERY wise advice so far as listening to and thanking grandparents for their wisdom!  I'm glad to hear that you have found the boards helpful and supportive. 



    We would love an update!  

    :) Jess