Favorite part of pregnancy

  • What is your favorite part of being pregnant? I know there are lots of difficult aspects of it but I thought maybe we could focus on those parts we enjoy! I, for one, enjoy the excitement and love of family and friends as they await a new little one with me. It’s such a wonderful bonding time!  -- Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I enjoy a lot of things about pregnancy. I don't care for the weight gain, but I really don't get any bad symptoms with my pregnancies lol. I love the belly, the movement of the baby inside my belly, when the baby gets hiccups, how nice is makes my hair, bigger breasts, the excitement of friends and family, etc. My favorite thing is the movement of the baby inside my belly. :)

  • That first moment when you realize you just felt your baby move. It is amazing with each pregnancy!

  • Ah, the kicks and movement! Such a good one...I love those moments. I was almost a little sad with my boys when they came out that I didn't have them all to myself anymore. Kinda silly. :-) 

  • My favorite part during my pregnancy is the love and care from the family specially from the husband. They consider me as fragile..lol.....And also the movement of the baby the kicking inside the tummy. Also when I found out the gender of my baby. 


  • There's something kind of nice about being doted on and appreciated for all the amazing things our bodies do to grow kids! :-) 

  • Oh my! I am glad to know I am not the only one!!! My husband says all the time "I just can't wait for him to get here" and all I can think is "I can"...


    Is it horrible that I just love having him to myself right now? He is the safest and most content I will ever be able to keep him. I will only be able to be out of work for two weeks after he is born so I am going to miss him so much. Not happy about this...

  • ohiogrown - It's amazing how babies just grab ahold of our hearts from the very beginning. It's not horrible at all that you love having him to yourself. It's such a special time as a woman...as hard as it is for them to come out and face the world, there will be so much joy and laughter and fun times ahead as you watch him grow and achieve new things. It'll all work out - until then...cherish him in you. :-) Did you get maternity photos done? You might love doing that so that you can remember this time always.

  • You know when I was pregnant with my daughter (especially at the end) I couldn't wait to have her OUT!!! I felt miserable all the time while working a very active full time job, and while i would never wish for my children to be born before their time; i was so ready for it to be over. I would tell myself I can not believe people do this more than once (Everyone always said you forget the torment and pain that pregnancy puts you through).. Now that my daughter is a year old i find myself thinking more and more about wanting another; sooner rather than later, and i have learned that you do not forget about the pain and torment; you simply just don't care because what comes from all of it is more precious and better than anything else life could offer... and more than that I actually find myself missing pregnancy and all the wonder and mysteriousness that comes along with it. I miss feeling my daughter kick and the look of disappointment on my fiances face when he couldn't feel her kick too. then the look on his face the first time he did get to feel her kick and then the first time he could see her move. I miss laying in the tub and watching the water ripple because she was squirming around, I miss watching my entire stomach morph into insane shapes as my daughter turned and flipped, and i think most of all i miss looking in to those amazing beautiful little eyes for the first time... I laugh at myself all the time because for someone who sure hated the ins and outs of pregnancy the first time around i sure do miss a lot of things about it.

  • I have not yet gotten maternity pictures done because my photographer friend has not found time. I have, however, taken a lot of pictures all along. :)

    Brinny, I was queasy a lot during my first trimester but amazingly once my second trimester hit I felt like a whole new person. It took a long time for me to even feel my little monster squirm thanks to my anterior placenta but when I did, it was pure magic. I never got the flutters everyone talked about and the first time I felt him kick, it was actually through my hand, which was absently resting across my stomach while reading, and not my belly. He hasn't stopped kicking and squirming since. As much as I "scold" him for the rib jabs, I am truly going to miss these days.

    I hope your next pregnancy is much more enjoyable!

  • I for one don't have a whole lot of favorite parts about being pregnant. The only "pregnancy perk" I seem to have gotten is bigger boobs. XD lol My hair is still thin and damaged and my hair still comes out as it always has, my face broke out for a short time and my nails are still very thin and break easily as they always have, especially once they are wet, they become very pliable.


    So, I like having the bigger boobs and I love the attention my husband gives me when we go out. Especially shopping. XD When we do our big grocery shopping, he will make sure that the cart isn't getting too heavy for me to push! LOL


    For the most part, I feel miserable because I don't feel 100% and often times, my stomache feels full and bloated, as if I just ate a huge thanksgiving dinner. I am a hard and active worker and this is just making it harder for me to do my job 100%. I have also had to put off some of the art projects I like to do because of the dangerous fumes and how toxic the stuff can be that I work with. I just can't wait to have this baby out! XD

  • I love feeling my baby move!  Its the most exciting thing for me.  Also, my husband has been so helpful around the house.