Mother’s Intuition

  • When I was pregnant with both my boys, I thought it was a girl each time. Apparently I have no sense of intuition about the gender of my babies in the womb! Did you all guess correctly with your kids? I’m curious to find out! :) --Julie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • This is my first pregnancy. i just felt it was a boy. when i would go to the stores i would look at boy clothes never girl. i already had a name picked out! even though i had some girl dreams i still felt like it was a boy. when they told us it was a boy at the ultrasound me and my husband high fived lol! the tech laughed lol. 

  • That is to funny Julie!  Good thing you didn't have the birth announcements all picked out in pink!

    Nice work Serenity.  :)  Your story made me smile.


  • I have been right with some of my children and wrong with others. I thought my last baby was a girl for sure, but he was a boy! Surprise Surprise!

  • My wife guessed wrong three out of four! It's funny how during pregnancy, one lady would come up and very certainly say she was carrying like it's a boy, and the next day someone would say she was definitely holding a boy... flipping a coin has just as good odds!

  • Good to know I'm not alone! Serenity - sounds like you are one of the exceptional people out there! I love your story about the ultrasound. :-) 

  • I have no intuition either lol. Last time I thought I might be having a girl (I had a boy) but I was never really sure. This time I have no clue at all. My feelings don't really go toward boy or girl.

  • For me, I made a right guess for my baby girl. The time I am pregnant many of my neighbors, friends and even me and my husband guess it correctly that it's a baby girl. I kept on reading articles on how to know your baby. 

  • For us, we decided to wait until delivery to find out. 

    Most of the way I was convinced it was a boy and everyone who saw me said I was carrying a boy.  Even my husband felt it was a boy.  Then we picked out both a boy and girl name to be ready.  One night I couldn't sleep and started to dislike our girl name so then thought, hm, maybe its a girl. 

    Then during delivery my doctor didn't know so the full room of nurses and doctors kept saying the symptoms I was having during labor that it would be a boy.  At final delivery, they cried its a girl!  She went straight into the a side area to be taken care of due to some complications and when it was all ok they held her up for me so I could confirm. 

    It goes to show that not all the old wives tales are accurate. 

  • Cath - Such a fun suprise! I LOVE it when my friends/family waits until delivery to find out the sex. It makes for such an exciting day. :-) 

  • My good friend waited until the delivery to find out boy or girl.  However she was so sure it was a boy that she handmade all blue birth announcements!  Then SURPRISE a bouncing baby girl. :)  lol.  A pink ribbon was added to each blue announcement.


  • We waited for all four of our kids until delivery... amazing how this frustrates many people! What a surprise for my wife and me when she delivered a boy fourth time around after three girls. I do have to confess that I thought I may have spotted something I shouldn't have at one ultrasound that may have given it away! Wasn't positive but now I know what I saw!

  • I happened to go to a psychic and she told me, my boyfriend didn't believe me and was set on a boy. Being a man I think that's always what they want, but when the tech told us it's a girl I was like booya told ya so. So I was only right bc the psychic told me so, but we still picked out a boy name just in case. (:

  • Clarkf - funny story! :-) What girl name did you settle one? Cute profile picture!

  • Her name is Brielle and thank you. She's so beautfiul but whem you put a phone or camera infront of her she blanks lol : D