Telling your family you are pregnant—any fun ideas?

  • When we were pregnant with our first child, my husband and I took a picture of a sign saying "We're Pregnant". Then we put this picture in a group of photos of our latest trip. When family members browsed through the pictures they were astounded and surprised! It was fun. What are some other unique and creative ways to tell your family you are expecting? -- Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I was browsing through some images on the web one day and came across a really cool way to let the news out... I intend to steal the idea for when we have another. Anyway it was a math photo of a family lined up against a brick wall. the line up was:


    Husband & two daughters   +     Mom   =  5


    The +,=, and 5 were all written in chalk. It took me a minute to get the photo, but when i caught on it was a pretty cool realization.

  • when we found out we were pregnant with Hazel I just called and told my parents, but my fiances parents lived 2100 miles away so we decided to do something a little more special for them. We mailed them a really cute greeting card that had a spot for a photo in it and i put a copy of our first ultrasound in the card so they would see the baby though the "window"' when they pulled it out of the envelope. Inside we only wrote "What would you like to be called?". They were super surprised, because we never told anyone that we were even trying for a baby.  

  • Brinny-

    What cute ideas!  My friend had a  family picture taken and their 3 year old was holding a sign that said, "welcome baby', or something to that effect.  It was really cute!

    What have others done?


  • When I was pregnant with my son I just told my mom. I was worried about what she would think, so I didn't do anything cleaver like that. This time we just had the ultrasound and handed it to people. They were like "Oh!" It was kind of funny.

  • When I was pregnant, I post on my social media account that says "Yes, it's POSITIVE". After that, a lot of congratulations follows. By that time, I really feel so much happy....

  • Cute stories :-) With our first, we lived very far from friends or family, so we just called them. With our second, we found out in early December so at each family gathering, my son gave his grandparents an envelope and inside it said, "Merry Christmas! I'm going to be a big brother!". It was so fun seeing their reactions and having everyone find out together. :-) 

  • Those are some great ideas! Keep them coming!

  • Facebook and other social media sites have changed all announcements so much!  I think it's great, but sometimes long for the old days when life wasn't posted for all to see.

    How about you all?  Thoughts?


  • We use two tools for informing the family we have a "bun in the oven." First, we have utilized ultrasound photos very shrewdly. For our last child, we slipped a pic of the ultrasound pic into the menus of all our family members at a family dinner before they arrived and when everyone opened, they were shocked and overjoyed! If you already have children, slipping them into big brother/big sister shirts and waiting to see how long it takes family to notice is also a fun way of doing it! It is one of those things that is special no matter how you do it, so be creative and have fun with it!