Pregnancy clothes that fit can be hard to find

  • It is hard to look great when you are pregnant—especially when your belly keeps growing and changing. How did you find pregnancy clothes that fit and looked good on you? Did you have to spend a lot of money or did you find some great bargains? --Bonnie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • Well i worked so much while i was pregnant that i actually didn't really need to buy much. I had three pair of maternity pants and one shirt. The kicker is while i was working i had to wear the most revealing shirt i could possibly imagine. I worked at Walgreens throughout my entire pregnancy and the area i was in did a "wellness" remodel on all of the stores. Part of the remodel was new uniforms. They changed our dress code from a navy shirt and black or khaki pants to ... black slacks and a baby blue biking shirt. Those of you who live in an area where Walgreens had done full store remodels you know what i'm talking about. The shirts are VERY clingy and nothing is left to the imagination. As you could imagine my managers and I were on the phone trying to work out an alternative uniform for pregnant women, but to no avail i wound up spending my entire pregnancy wearing a biking shirt while they designed one.

  • I found great bargins at Old Navy the other day.  T shirts and tanks for 6.99.  And a nice clearance area.  I bought one pair of pants for 34.50 that I consider pretty pricey, but I have had trouble finding maternity clothes in my area.   They are having their sale right now where for every $25 you spend up to $75 per transaction and you get 10 bucks off $25 to come back and spend in early april.  I have been looking all over and everyone else I ask tells me to go online but I like to shop and try things on in the stores. Target has some, but I dont like the styleg or price.  I still am planning on trying Kohls so we will see how that goes. And back to old Navy in April to use my bucks. :)

  • Old Navy was a great place for me as well, Heidi. They have some reasonably priced stuff. I bought jeans a Motherhood and Maternity (very pricey) because they just fit the best and bought other stuff in cheaper locations. There were some children's consignment stores that also had racks of maternity clothes - I found some good things there! 

  • I have bought pretty much all of my maternity clothes from a store called Motherhood. I have one article of clothing (pants) I got at Target, but they don't fit as well as the clothes from Motherhood. Motherhood has great clothes that you can buy in store or online. I hardly wore any maternity clothes in my first pregnancy because I didn't get big at all. This time clothes got uncomfortable early on (when I entered the second trimester). I am a small build though and my tummy still isn't very big (I am 19 weeks now), so my maternity clothes are loose still. Their size guides are great. I wear small in everything and what's nice is by the time I get bigger they will fit perfectly. Until then they will just be a little loose. It takes patients and trying on clothes to find what fits best and looks best on you.

  • So far, I have been sticking with pants that have a comfy, relaxing waistband. It's not too tight, they don't fall down despite feeling loose, and they are 100% comfy! haha Most people would wear these as pants to lounge around the house in, but I wear them out as well. It's not like they look like pajama pants or anything. :P


    Also, I have PLENTY of t-shirts that will fit over my belly so I am not worried about shirts. Since my husband and I RARELY go anywhere but to the store and back, I don't feel the need to buy pregnancy pants to wear. I'll just stick with what I have since it seems to be working fine so far. :P

  • I have heard great things about goodwill and 2nd hand clothing places like value village.  My vote is comfy but not sloppy-and if that isn't a fine balance i don't know what is!