Finding a Doctor for your newborn baby

  • My mother keeps asking, "When will you find a doctor for your unborn baby for when she is born?" I really am not sure when to start looking for a doctor for my baby girl. Im not sure if it's too soon in looking for one right now, or what. I am 34 weeks pregnant and i feel its too early to look. Though with this being my first child i'm actually clueless on such things. Any suggestion would help.

  • No it is not too early. Once you start narrowing doctors down and begin to see if they have any patient availability you will find that most of the doctors that you really want your child to see are not available. For this reason if you get on it early you might be able to catch one with an available spot and reserve it. Not to mention when your baby is born he/she will be evaluated by a pediatrition shortly after birth, and before you leave.. you will also have the opportunity to speak with the pediatrition before you go home so you can have questions answered and get care instructions if needed for when you go home. there is also a wellness exam that needs to be scheduled for the week after the baby is born.... so as you can imagine if you do not have a doctor lined up then the on call pediatrition for the hospital will be the one to evaluate your baby and speak to you. If you have one lined up then your babys doctor (as long as the baby is born at the doctors affiliated hospital from what i understand) can evaluate the baby (this is not absolutely necessary though).. and it will be much easier finding an available appointment for the first well baby check up if you already have a doctor assigned to the baby. Looking for doctors is not as easy as you would think, and you want to be able to get a meet and greet appointment with them to make sure he/ she is who you want to schedule with... anyway the next 6 weeks feel miles away i'm sure, but they will fly by.

  • I agree with Brinny, it's not to early.  You can look around and see if you can find a doc that you like (friends can give great referrals), once you find a doc you think you might like you can call the office to get more info.  Many offices will do free "meet and greet" appointments where you can go in before the baby is born and meet the doc and office staff.  This gives you ca chance to see if they will be a good fit for you.  Good luck and keep us posted on how your search is going!


  • It is never too early. Once you get some names of doctors you would like, set up an appointment to meet with them and talk about your new baby. That is what I did. I ended up going with the physician that I felt was the easiest to talk to and who I felt would listen to my concerns. 

  • I echo the other ladies on here - it's worth it to find your pediatrician now so that you are plugged into their system when the baby is born. The last thing you want to do is end up with a random doctor that you don't really love. Do you have friends who have kids? Ask them about their doctors! I've found that to be a great referral system and then set up some meet and greet appointments. :-) 

  • Thank you for the information, I will deffently check with my friend who just had a baby about her process.

  • Glad we could help!