How do i get ready for my unborn baby?

  • I know i gotta still pack a bag for the hospital, plus still put in the car seat base for the newborn and look for a doctor for when the baby is born. What else am i suppose to do? I feel im missing something. Any suggestion?

  • I think you are good... if you have everything for the babys room set up and a couple of outfits and blankets washed then you will be fine. It's common to feel like something is missing as you get closer to your due date. make sure you have the installation of your car seat checked by someone who is certified. you can usually find them at the police station or fire department and they often require an appointment. the hospital i delivered at actually had someone check the installation of our car seat before they released our daughter.

  • Not too much else! Do you have a safe place for her to sleep? A stash of diapers and wipes? Like Brinny said, wash a few outfits and blankets and you'll be pretty good to go! I also recommend maybe cooking a few meals and freezing them so that you can pull them out and heat them up when you are tired and don't have energy to cook after she is here! 

  • It sounds like you are just about ready!  I agree with Brinny-get your car seat checked, you want that little one to be safe. :)


  • Well, you have to make sure you have everything you need for the baby such as clothes, crib, bassinet, baby tub, blankets, bottles, diapers, etc. The car seat and finding the baby a doctor are the most important things along with your hospital bag.

  • Miss Pammie has some great advice.  I wanted to check in and see if you have any further questions or concerns.  Do let us know, we are here to support you and cheer for you!