New Member!

  • I am a new member to this site and just wanted to say hello. I am about 12 weeks pregnant with baby #1 and am due September 28th!!!

    Hi everyone!

  • Hello and Welcome! Congrats on your first baby! How is your pregnancy treating you so far?

  • Congratulations on your first pregnancy! This is such a special and exciting time and we are glad you are here to share it with us! Jump on in the conversations or start some of your own. If you have any questions, we will be here whenever you need us, just ask! Congratulations again and welcome to Strong Moms!

  • Hi Brinny - thank you for welcoming me. My preganancy so far is treating amazingly.

    I have not had any morning sickness and I have a really good amount of energy!

    I guess I should consider myself very blessed!!!! Smile


  • hi ..

    even i am new..

  • Congrats and welcome to strongmoms!  You must be so excited to be having a fall baby, are you going to find out if it's a boy or a girl?  I hope you will continue to post so that we can get to know you better.



  • BundleofJoy2013- hello! Welcome and so glad you are joining us! Do you have any names picked out? How has your pregnancy gone? I think you'll love being here with all the other moms and dads who come here for support. Congrats!

  • Great news and congratulations! So glad to hear your pregnancy is going smoothly so far. Strongmoms can be a great resource for moms old and new so please utilize the expertise of the hundreds of parents who regularly visit the site!

  • Congrats and welcome! Pregnancy is so exciting, especially the first time! I am currently pregnant with my second baby and I am 19w 4d. I think you will find this site very helpful.